Mentoring Opportunities

The following opportunities exist to mentor historically underserved scholars participating in PHUSP, taking place this year from June 5-July 28, 2023. 


  • Provides guidance and support to the scholar for academic, career and professional development. 
  • Meets with the scholar for at least 30 minutes weekly from June 5 to July 21. 
  • Guides the scholar to prepare the poster the scholar will present about their internship experience at CDC the week of July 23. Preparing the poster may require more than 30 minutes per week during the two weeks leading up to the presentation. 
  • May mentor one or more scholars, based on preference.
  • Employed as a university-based faculty member or researcher or as a public health professional at an agency or non-profit organization in the Pittsburgh region. 
  • To the extent possible, internship opportunities should relate to maternal and child health, environmental justice, or climate and health.

Internship Preceptor

  • Provides day-to-day supervision of the scholar as they complete an internship or research project. The internship will be completed approximately 3 days/per week for at least 6 hours per workday from June 5 to July 21.
  • Provides input on and reviews the poster the scholar will present about their internship experience at CDC the week of July 23.
  • May oversee one or two scholars, based on preference.
  • Employed by the university, organization or agency hosting the scholar’s internship experience.

Combined Internship Preceptor and Mentor

  • Serves as both Internship Preceptor and Mentor, as described above
  • May mentor one or two scholars

Why should I serve as a Mentor or Internship Preceptor? 

As a PHUSP Mentor or Internship Preceptor, you will: 

  • Inspire the next generation of public health leaders
  • Demonstrate your support for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • Play an essential role in the success of PHUSP

Apply to be a preceptor and/or mentor 

Matching Process

PHUSP will carefully match scholars with prospective mentors and preceptors. Scholar placement with a mentor or internship preceptor is dependent upon several factors, including the scholar’s interests and skills, the mentor’s expertise, the preceptor’s ability to offer a suitable internship opportunity, and program need.


Contact Terri Washington.