Alumni Awards

Thank You for Your Nominations!

2021 Alumni Honorees

Distinguished Alumni Award for Practice

  • John Scott, PhD (BIOST '08)

Distinguished Alumni Award for Research

  • Inmaculada Hernandez, PhD (HSRP '16)

Distinguished Alumni Award For Teaching And Dissemination

  • Shauna Clark, PhD (IDM '18)
  • Mary Beth Zeni, ScD (HSADM '93)

The Margaret F. Gloninger Service Award

  • Lyn Barry Robertson, DrPH (BCHS '05)

Early Career Excellence Award

  • Alexandra Bhatti, JD (IDM '11)
  • Tushar Singh, PhD (EPI '14)

Award Categories


Award recognizes significant contributions to public health practice. Successful candidates will have demonstrated sustained efforts to improve the health of participants and populations through various channels including, but not limited to, policies, outcomes, and programming.


Award recognizes significant contributions to public health research. Successful nominees will have a track record of rigorous scientific exploration and study to advance the health and well-being of populations. It's important to have an established funding and publication record.

Teaching and Dissemination

Award recognizes significant contributions to teaching and dissemination, either in the classroom or in the field. Successful candidates will have documented measurable, effective, and innovative approaches to learning and the advancement of public health knowledge.

The Margaret F. Gloninger Service Award

Award recognizes significant contribution to the school or greater community through volunteer service. This award was established in honor of the late Margaret Fitzgerald Gloninger (MSHyg ’66), Pitt Public Health alumna and former faculty member in maternal and child health. Candidates from regional, national, and international sectors will be considered.

The Early Career Excellence Awards

Awards recognize significant achievements early in the alumnus or alumna's career. Master's and doctoral alumni are welcome to apply. Ideal candidates will have graduated from Pitt Public Health within 5-10 years of the nomination window. 

Delta OmEGa Omicron Chapter

In 1984, the Pitt Public Health Omicron Chapter of Delta Omega was established. New members are inducted each year from three groups: students who are candidates for a graduate degree in public health, faculty members at the school of public health, and alumni actively engaged in public health work. Election from all three groups is based on outstanding performance—scholarship in students, teaching and research in faculty members, and community service in alumni.