Eleanor Feingold

  • Professor, Human Genetics
  • Professor, Biostatistics
  • Associate Dean for Data Analytics and Special Projects

On the research side of my life, I am a statistical geneticist. I develop statistical methods for questions in genetics, particularly involving genomic data and new technologies. I like digging into the gory details and understanding how data from new technologies need to be cleaned before they can be used. I also enjoy working with large collaborative groups to dissect the genetics of particular traits. My current projects include Alzheimer's disease, Down syndrome, and cleft lip and palate.

I am also passionate about teaching, especially anything involving computational/analytic or communication skills.

Despite all of the above, most of my time is spent in leadership roles. After several years as the executive associate dean of the School of Public Health, I recently completed a year as an American Council on Education fellow. I am currently directing the SPH's accreditation, evaluation, and data efforts.


1985 | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | BS
1993 | Stanford University | PhD in Statistics


In Summer 2022 I will taught Risk Analysis in Genetic Counseling. I have also recently taught Introduction to Gene Mapping and Public Health Communications.


Selected Publications

Here are a few of my most interesting recent publications (from over 150). See more on ORCID.

Zeng Z, Weeks DE, Chen W, Mukhopadhyay N, Feingold E. A Pipeline for Classifying Relationships Using Dense SNP/SNV Data and Putative Pedigree Information.Genetic Epidemiology. 2016 Feb; 40 (2):161-71. PMID: 26709242. doi:10.1002/gepi.21948.

Begum F, Sharker MH, Sherman SL, Tseng GC, Feingold E. Regionally Smoothed Meta-Analysis Methods for GWAS Datasets. Genetic Epidemiology. 2016 Feb; 40 (2):154-60. PMCID: PMC4724289. PMID: 26707090. doi: 10.1002/gepi.21949.

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