Lauren T Orkis

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Epidemiology

Dr. Orkis is an applied epidemiologist with research interests extending from Legionnaires’ disease and antimicrobial resistance to the opioid epidemic. She completed her DrPH in Epidemiology in 2017 from the Graduate School of Public Health where she studied the epidemiology of sporadic community-acquired Legionnaires’ disease. As a Visiting Instructor in the Department of Epidemiology, she is developing and teaching an applied epidemiology course and mentoring students interested in pursuing careers in applied epidemiology. She conducts applied research for the Center for Public Health Practice and serves as the faculty adviser of the Graduate School of Public Health’s Student Public Health Epidemic Response Effort (SPHERE) student group.

Dr. Orkis also serves an applied epidemiologist at the Allegheny County Health Department, Bureau of Assessment, Statistics and Epidemiology. Through this position, she conducts applied epidemiology research and contributes to enhanced surveillance efforts. She also assists with healthcare-associated infection outbreaks as she is certified in infection prevention and control (CIC®).


2017 | University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA | DrPH in Epidemiology

2011 | Colorado School of Public Health, Denver, CO | MPH in Epidemiology

2009 | Allegheny College, Meadville, PA | BS in Biology


EPID 2261: Applied Epidemiology Field Investigation Methods, Instructor

EPID 2920: Grant Writing, Co-Instructor

Selected Publications

1.Orkis LT, Harrison LH, Mertz KJ, Brooks MM, Bibby KJ, Stout JE. Environmental sources of community-acquired legionnaires' disease: A review. Send toInt J Hyg Environ Health. 2018 Apr 30.

2.Torso LM, Voorhees RE, Forest SA, Gordon AZ, Silverstri SA, Kissler B, Schlackman J, Sandt CH, Toma P, Bachert J, Mertz KJ, Harrison LH. Escherichia coli O157:H7 Outbreak Associated with Restaurant Beef Grinding. Journal of Food Protection. 2015 Jul; 78(7): 1272-1279.

3.Beaudoin AL, Torso LM, Said MA, Richards K, Wilson L, Dooling KL, Wendt JM, Wise M, Longenberger A, Moll M, Eggers P, Ostroff SM. Multistate Outbreak of Invasive Group A Streptococcus Infections Associated with Unregulated Outpatient Liposuction Facilities. JAMA Intern Med. 2014 Jul; 174(7):1136-42.

4.Greenbaum AH, Wong K, Nguyen DB, Smith EE, Torso LM, Chen G, Wise M, Lando J, Voorhees R, Casey ML, Ostroff SM, Moll M, Nambiar A, Nalluswami K, Miller J, Lute J, Klimov A, Emery S, Green M, Giampa P, Finelli L, Jhung M. Assessment for Possible Healthcare-Associated Transmission of a Novel Swine Influenza — Pennsylvania, August 2011. Clinical Infectious Disease. 2013; 57: S4-S11.

5. Davis J, Torso LM, Paoline J. Healthcare Outbreaks—Risk Assessment and Mitigation Based on Pathogen, Population, and Environmental Factors: The P2E Concept. Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority. 2013 Mar; 10(1):27-33.