Peng Gao

  • Assistant Professor

Dr. Peng Gao is an analytical chemist trained in both environmental and biomedical sciences. He earned his Ph.D. degree from the University of Florida and then worked on human exposome projects at the Stanford University School of Medicine as a Postdoctoral Scholar. His research focuses on multidisciplinary fields in environmental health sciences, environmental chemistry and toxicology, analytical chemistry, and metagenomics. Specifically, he is interested in applying mass spectrometry-based targeted and non-targeted analyses to determine the environmental contaminants and xenobiotics in environmental and biological samples. Also, he is interested in applying next- and third-generation sequencing approaches to investigate the chemical-microbial interactions. Last, he is interested in integrating internal multi-omics with the exposomics profile to investigate the holistic human health impacts of the exposome and better understand the etiology of idiopathic and chronic diseases. He has published nearly forty articles in various top environmental and biomedical sciences journals, peer-reviewed nearly four hundred articles, and currently serves as the editorial board member of Environmental Pollution, Chemosphere, Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, and Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology.


2019 | University of Florida | Doctor of Philosophy, Soil and Water Sciences, Minors: Toxicology & Environmental Engineering Sciences
2015 | Case Western Reserve University | Master of Science, Chemistry
2013 | China Agricultural University | Bachelor of Science, Chemistry


PUBHT 0421 - Health Consequences of Atmospheric Pollution and Climate Change

EOH 2310 - Molecular Fundamentals

Selected Publications
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