EOH Journal Club

Journal Club is intended for graduate students to become familiar with the primary scientific literature by learning to select, read, analyze, understand, and orally summarize original research papers. Graduate students will also hone their scientific and critical writing skills. Meetings will be held once per week during the regular academic semester during which one student will present the research article and lead in the discussion. All students will prepare for each discussion in advance and will contribute to the analysis and discussion of the paper. In this journal club, papers will be presented on a diverse set of topics related to our fields of research performed at Pitt Public Health. 

Contact Course Coordinator Nicholas Fitz with questions. 

Syllabus and Course Description

Fall 2023 EOH Journal Club Events

Date Presenter Paper
August 31 Discussion of student expectations  
September 7 Baoli Qian

Organism-wide, cell-type-specific secretome mapping of exercise training in mice

September 14 Xinran Zhu

The blood proteome of imminent lung cancer diagnosis

September 21 Rob Gresser

Characterizing the Effects of Structural Fires on Fine Particulate Matter with a Dense Sensing Network

Presentation (PDF)

September 28

All papers selected for presentations

Nusrat Jahan

Tumour extracellular vesicles and particles induce liver metabolic dysfunction

October 5 Hexin Lu PTGES/PGE2 signaling links immunosuppression and lung metastasis in Gprc5a-knockout mouse model
October 12 Farazdaq Al hammood Post-GWAS functional analysis identifies CUX1 as a regulator of p16INK4a and cellular senescence
October 19 John Villandre

Plasma 1,3-β-d-glucan levels predict adverse clinical outcomes in critical illness

October 26

Complete career development plan

Abdullah Almurdif

Occupational Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Elevated Cancer Incidence in Firefighters

November 2 Selene Tang

Inactivation of common airborne antigens by perfluoroalkyl chemicals modulates early life allergic asthma

November 16 Junming Song

An antibiotic from an uncultured bacterium binds to an immutable target

November 23 Thanksgiving Recess  
November 30 Alexis Kiyanda

The urinary proteome infers dysregulation of mitochondrial, lysosomal, and protein reabsorption processes in chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu)

December 7 Jiaqi Lyu

The RNA landscape of the human placenta in health and disease

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