Pledge to Social Justice and Antiracism

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health seeks scientific insights that improve human health through clean air, clean water, safe food, safe workplaces and sustainable communities for all. We call out structural racism as a chronic public health malady. Environmental racism and injustice persist with marginalized communities experiencing disproportionate exposure to hazardous waste, air pollutants, and toxic chemicals. We will work to empower all people to live free from environmental stressors that adversely affect human health. We acknowledge that the University of Pittsburgh, School of Public Health and Department of Environmental and Occupational Health have a troubled racist past. Historically our departmental demographics (faculty, students and staff) had lacked diversity and we have and are actively increasing diversity in our faculty, student body and staff. We hereby pledge to be antiracist in our educational programs, research and practice.

In keeping with these promises and aims we as a department and as individuals are actively committed to: 

  • Considering the environmental and occupational health of economically and institutionally marginalized people.

  • Supporting civility in discourse.

  • Educating ourselves and promoting self-reflection.

  • Engaging in discussion surrounding disparities.

  • Supporting allyships with economically and institutionally marginalized people.

  • Employing humility and compassion in conducting research.

  • Practicing sitting in discomfort as we grow in our understanding of inequity and injustice in our social institutions.

  • Understanding and acknowledging privilege.