Erika Garrison (MHA/MBA '20), UPMC Fellow

Erika Garrison

I chose the fellowship at UPMC because it is a national leader in health care and has exciting growth in the future. I wanted to be part of an organization that shared similar values and truly lived out those values. One of the biggest factors in my decision was my experience in my residency at UPMC Children’s Hospital. I saw firsthand the culture at UPMC and was surrounded by leaders who continued to support and encourage my personal and professional growth. That support continued beyond my preceptors and even outside the walls of Children’s. Leaders and staff were eager to let me shadow and engage in a broad variety of projects.

As far as what excites me the most about the fellowship, the rotational opportunity provides me a chance to see a wide variety of functions and services across the organization. The benefits of being part of a large organization are the resources and breadth of experiences available. I am excited to learn in new areas that I haven’t been able to experience yet. In the second year, having the opportunity to have increased accountability and taking a deep dive into an area will provide a great foundation of managerial experience/exposure in my future career.

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