Kia Kai (MHA/MBA '21), St. Elizabeth Physicians Administrative Fellow

Kai Kia

I am the current Administrative Fellow for St. Elizabeth Physicians, a multi-specialty physician organization that serves the residents of Northern Kentucky, Southwestern Ohio, and Southeastern Indiana. This fellowship appealed to me because I was looking for a fellowship position that had opportunities beyond the typical hospital operations focus that many other fellowships offer. I feel strongly that as healthcare trends towards ambulatory care services, it will be even more important for future healthcare leaders to have exposure to the strategic operations of medical groups that are working to integrate healthcare in the outpatient setting. St. Elizabeth Physicians is a physician lead organization and has been nationally recognized for its outstanding quality improvement efforts. In 2020, they were awarded the prestigious Acclaim Award by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), and they continue to drive innovative approaches to healthcare with their quality improvement initiatives. In my position, I’ve had opportunities not only to observe organizational support departments in action but to also actively engage through project management and process improvement efforts as a team member. The leadership team has shown immense interest in supporting my development and has given me opportunities to demonstrate my leadership and management abilities. I’m currently acting as the interim practice manager for an endocrinology specialty office where I oversee approximately 50 associates and providers. The fast-paced environment is full of problem-solving opportunities and employee engagement. I absolutely love what I do, and I cannot wait to see where the organization will take me!