HPM MPH Competencies

Through required courses and experiential learning opportunities, students will attain the following competencies:

HPM MPH Advanced Competencies

  • HPM 1
    • Evaluate facilitators and barriers that impact the financing and delivery of public health services or health care services.
  • HPM 2
    • Apply legal and ethical principles to health services practice.
  • HPM 3
    • Develop legal and policy strategies to promote the health status of populations.
  • HPM 4
    • Integrate the principles of program planning, management, budgeting and finance, in the context of health care organizations, government, and/or community-based organizations.
  • HPM 5
    • Apply the principles of strategic planning to health delivery initiatives.
  • HPM 6
    • Measure and evaluate the impact of health policies on population health.

CEPH Foundational Competencies

All graduates also achieve the Council on Education in Public Health's (CEPH) public health knowledge and foundational competencies for MPH students. 

CEPH MPH Foundational Competencies (PDF)