HPM Mission Statement

  • advance the state of knowledge and enhance professional practice of healthcare management in both the private and public sectors; 
  • advance the state of knowledge in health policy-making, including the policy formulation and implementation processes; and, 
  • advance the state of knowledge of the factors influencing the costs, utilization, distribution and outcomes of public health and health care services.

This mission is achieved by the faculty, in collaboration with practitioners, providing graduate education and professional development programs, engaging in scholarship and sponsored research, and by participation in community service and service learning activities relevant to the disciplines represented within the Department of Health Policy and Management (HPM).


We aspire to have top-ranked academic programs in health policy and management nationally based on our research productivity, the quality of our education and professional development programs, and community service. This vision guides our efforts to improve the health care system.

Core Values

  • Integrity and accountability (in all our relationships, internal and external)
  • Citizenship (within the University and School)
  • Professionalism (as exemplified by ACHE and ASPH standards)
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Research-furthering evidence-based practice and the state of knowledge in the foundation disciplines of HPM
  • Teaching–combining state-of-the art technologies and knowledge with effective adult teaching methods.
  • Service–participation in community service and civic engagement linked our teaching and research endeavors

Teaching and Professional Development

The Department of Health Policy and Management provides rigorous programs of graduate-level education that foster development of critical skills, health management and policy competencies, values, and knowledge that graduates will apply in professional roles within health care and public health as the foundation for their continuing career development. The Department of HPM prepares individuals to assume roles of leadership, policy development, management within healthcare systems and public health, and in participating in health services research and policy.

Emphasis is placed on leadership and professional development activities as a complement to in-class and on-line instruction. Students benefit from participation in our Executive-in-Residence, professional mentorship, and related networking activities and site supervised intensive field placements.

Community Service

HPM faculty contribute to community service by advancing the state of knowledge and professional practice in institutional and system healthcare management, health services and health economics research and scholarship in the development, advocacy, and analysis of health policy and the policy-making process. Students are encouraged to participate in service-learning and civic engagement opportunities relevant to their discipline and professional development.


The department’s faculty is committed to developing a broad base of research and scholarship, as the intellectual foundation for our current /future professional education programs. The multidisciplinary nature of both health policy and health management presents both challenges and opportunities. The core disciplines represented within the department include health economics, human resource management, health policy, long-term care, law, ethics, and organization studies applied to health care. HPM faculty are engaged in interdisciplinary research, scholarship, and publication addressing a range of problems relevant to health policy, health services delivery, outcome measurement, patient safety, leadership and organization management relevant to health care organizations and systems.