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Empower the Future of Public Health

Pitt Public Health has a history of preparing generations of leaders to meet the needs of our communities. While the COVID-19 pandemic placed public health in the global spotlight, it also unearthed a growing need for individuals like you — strong, passionate students who not only choose to pursue a rewarding education, but a career in which you can address the challenges of tomorrow and protect the health of millions. We are thrilled to have you explore our newly launched Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH).

Shaped by Service Learning

The BSPH is a four-year degree program that provides you with a foundation in the key disciplines of public health alongside active learning activities. You will learn about today’s most pressing public health topics including climate change, data science, health equity, and the role of technology and innovation in health promotion. Through our unique service-learning component, you will directly engage with populations and observe how your coursework translates into real-world settings.

  • Volunteer at a local farmers market to explore nutrition and food access
  • Work at a Pittsburgh-based food pantry to better understand the role of community-based organizations in solving food insecurity
  • Roll up your sleeves and join a neighborhood clean-up day focused on improving the built environment

“During my time volunteering with the Virtual Senior Academy program for my service learning, I strengthened my knowledge about the social impact of loneliness and isolation on older adults and the importance of programs that help them to feel more connected to community” - Brooke S. -- BSPH Student Class of 2025

What can you do with a degree in public health? 

Students who graduate with a BSPH have a broad range of professional opportunities. Many of our students will go on to pursue graduate degrees in the health sciences such as medicine, occupational therapy, social work and health administration. 

Upon graduation, BSPH students can obtain entry level positions at organizations like: 

  • Local, regional, national or international public health agencies
  • Social service agencies and philanthropic organizations or non-profits
  • Medical facilities
  • Community-based organizations
  • Consulting firms
  • Communications and public relations agencies
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How to Apply

Prospective BSPH students should apply through University of Pittsburgh Admissions. Current Pitt students should apply as an internal transfer. 

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About our Curriculum

Learn through a multidisciplinary approach that exposes students to all aspects of public health while focusing on the issues you're more passionate about.

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Student Handbook

Policies, procedures and information specific to the School of Public Health and information about other service and supports available at the University level. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the BSPH program? 

There are several ways to join the program: 

If you are a high school student, a student currently enrolled at another college or university, an international student, a continuing education student who has previously earned a bachelor's degree from an institution other than the University of Pittsburgh, visit the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for more information on starting the application process. 

If you are a current Pitt student, you can apply to transfer into our program. To be eligible to transfer, an incoming student must have completed a minimum of 12 credits at the University of Pittsburgh and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission, but makes you eligible to apply.

To apply to transfer to the School of Public Health from another Pitt school or campus:

  1. Submit a program change form from your current school. If you are a student in Dietrich or CGS, complete the Dietrich Academic Program Change Form. Students from other schools should contact their school’s student affairs or student records office for the appropriate form.
  2. Submit a personal statement using the School of Public Health Internal Transfer Application Form. Your personal statement should be about your interest in public health. It can include why you are choosing this path, what you hope to gain from the program, where you see yourself in the field when you graduate, and/or experiences that led to your decision to apply to transfer.  
What is the deadline to apply for transfer to the BSPH program? 

Fall Transfer: February 15
Spring Transfer: October 1

Note: To be eligible to transfer, an incoming student must have completed a minimum of 12 credits at the University of Pittsburgh and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission. It is also highly recommended, but not required, that students take PUBHLT 0100 or other PUBHLT courses prior to applying. A strong personal statement is also recommended for admission consideration. 

Are there specific classes I must take before I can enter the BSPH program? 

For internal transfer students already enrolled at Pitt, we recommend that students have started to complete their general education requirements and may or may not have taken and excelled in one or two of the public health foundational courses before transfer (PUBHLT 100, PUBHLT 110, PUBHLT 120).

What are the GPA requirements for the BSPH? 

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to apply to transfer. 

What kinds of careers does the BSPH prepare me for? 

Many students who graduate with a BSPH are well positioned for an entry-level job at organizations like health departments, health systems and hospitals, non-profits and community-based organizations. Students are also well prepared to apply to graduate school should they choose to advance their learning in the health sciences. 

Can I still be pre-med if I am in the BSPH program?

Absolutely! Our program is built to be flexible to allow for you to participate in certificate programs, minors and pre-graduate school coursework. Your advisor will work with you to plan your schedule to meet the necessary requirements. 

I am interested in an upper divisional school at the University of Pittsburgh and/or do not see my major in the freshman application. What entry level school should I select? 

Students who are interested in an upper divisional school or who do not see their major listed in the freshman application should apply to the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Applicants who intend to pursue the BSPH degree should apply directly to the School of Public Health. 

I am interested in health and rehabilitation career fields like athletic training, dietitian nutritionist, communications science, etc. Can I pursue the BSPH? 

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is an upper divisional school at the University of Pittsburgh. Students who are interested in degree and career options in health and rehab sciences should apply to the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences to begin their study at Pitt. Public Health is a four-year program intended for students who want to earn the BSPH degree. 

Students in the first class of the BSPH
First class of students in the BSPH program


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions about the BSPH program! 

Note: The School of Public Health is not directly involved in the admission, financial aid, or scholarship process for those applying to enter as first-year students.

If you are a current Pitt student with questions about transferring into the program, contact Mara Koperwas

With other questions or to request more information about the program, contact Christian Goetz

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Mara Leff Koperwas (BCHS '16)
Director of Public Health Innovation and
Strategic Initiatives
Director of Undergraduate Programming
Christian Goetz
Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator