Communication Resources

With our name change to the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, we recognize the need for updated guidance and tools for our community. When considering the use of our new logos, it is important that we continue to align with the graphic identity of the University of Pittsburgh and follow Pitt's general branding guidelines

Below are answers to frequently posed questions about our new branding and identity. 

How do I decide whether to use the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health logo or the Pitt Public Health logo?

The University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health is our formal name/logo and is most appropriately used when representing the school on a professional level or to national or international audiences in which "Pitt" is not a known entity. In contrast, Pitt Public Health is our informal name/logo and most appropriately used for internal audiences or on a local or regional level. Below are samples of both logos and the range of colors that are deemed acceptable by Pitt's University Communications and Marketing office. It is important not to use former school marks, symbols or colors so we can maintain a consistent image and brand for our school. If you need any of the logos below, or others specific to your department, or have any questions about usage, please contact the communications team

How should I update my email signature?

University of Pittsburgh staff and faculty members are encouraged to use Arial size 10 in black font for email signatures. The University does not recommend including a logo at the end of your email signature because the visual quality is not always consistent, but if you choose to do so, please use only our new School of Public Health logo. 

Example of an email signature: 

Brian Young
Marketing Manager
University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health | Communications
G009 Public Health
130 DeSoto Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15260
412-383-9999 | 412-439-7188 (mobile)
Pronouns: he/him/his (optional)

Which PowerPoint templates should I use for lectures or presentations?

For external audiences, use formal University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health branding. This includes prospective students, colleagues from other universities and community partners outside the University of Pittsburgh.

For internal audiences, you may use informal Pitt Public Health branding. This includes current students, faculty, staff, alumni and colleagues within the University of Pittsburgh.

Which format should I use for my scientific posters?

Which school-branded virtual backgrounds should I use when presenting remotely? 

Here are some options to represent the school during a remote presentation: 

How do I order letterhead with the new school name?

Official letterhead, business cards, envelopes and related materials are available from the University Communications and Marketing office, and should only be ordered through the University’s online printing store.

Microsoft Word templates for Pitt electronic letterhead are also available for download and may be customized for each department/unit. (Please spell out School of Public Health.)