Abdus S Wahed

  • Professor, Biostatistics
  • Professor, Epidemiology
  • Professor, Statistics

My current major research interest is in personalized medicine – development of statistical methods for testing dynamic treatment regimes (adaptive treatment strategies) through sequentially randomized designs, for screening viable treatment regimes from observational data, and for identifying important variables for forming dynamic treatment regimes. Other methodological research interest includes multivariate ordinal longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis in the presence of misclassified events, and analysis of variance for censored survival data, length biased data, and joint modeling of longitudinal and time-to-event data measured with error. My collaborative research interest includes development of multi-stage depression treatment regimes, sequential treatment decisions in depression treatment, development of risk scores for complications in bariatric surgery, analysis of outcomes in hepatitis B and C clinical trials and cohort studies, and weight loss in young adults.


Ph.D., Statistics (2003), North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
M.A., Mathematical Statistics (2000), Ball State University, Muncie, IN
M.Sc., Statistics (1994), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
B.Sc., Statistics (1992, Minor: Economics and Mathematics), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Linear Models

Estimation Theory

Likelihood Theory

Longitudinal and Clustered Data Analysis

Missing Data in Clinical Studies

Selected Publications
  • Zhang, S, Qu, Y, Cheng, Y, Lopez, OL, and Wahed, AS.(2022). Prognostic Accuracy for Predicting Ordinal Competing Risk Outcomes Using ROC Surfaces. Lifetime Data Anal. 28, 122.
  • Wu, Liwen, *Wang, Junyao, andWahed, AS (2021). Interim Monitoring in Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials. Biometrics 1 13. https://doi.org/10.1111/biom.13562
  • Wang, Junyao, *Wu, Liwen, and Wahed, AS (2021). Response-Adaptive Randomization in Two-Stage Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trials. Biostatistics, https://doi.org/10.1093/biostatistics/kxab020
  • Conzuelo-Rodriguez, G., Bodnar, L.M., Brooks, M.M., Wahed, A., Kennedy, E.H., Schisterman, E. and Naimi, A.I. (2022). Performance evaluation of parametric and nonparametric method when assessing effect measure modification. American Journal of Epidemiology 191 (1), 198-207.
  • Johnson, Geoffrey, Topp, Andrew, and Wahed, AS. Optimizing Dynamic Treatment Regimes via Threshold Utility Analysis on Quality Adjusted Survival. Journal of Statistical Research Vol. 55, No. 1, pp. 127-145.
  • Chen, L, Yavuz, I, Cheng, Y, and Wahed, AS (2020). Cumulative Incidence Regression for Dynamic Treatment Regimens. Biostatistics, 2020 Apr 1; 21(2):e113-e130. doi: 10.1093/biostatistics/kxy062.

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