Emma Barinas-Mitchell

  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor, Clinical Translation and Science
  • Director, Ultrasound Research Laboratory
  • Co-Director, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Training Program
  • Director, Health Equity Certificate Program
  • Faculty in Epidemiology and Clinical and Translation Science

Dr. Barinas-Mitchell’s research focuses on the application of subclinical vascular measures to the study of the natural history and prevention of CVD. As Co-Director (2006-2012) and Director (December 2012-present) of the University of Pittsburgh Ultrasound Research Lab (URL), she has collaborated on the application of early markers of vascular aging for >25 NIH-funded observational and intervention studies, including study design and implementation, oversight of collection of primary and secondary vascular outcome measures, data management and analyses of these vascular measures, and interpretation of these data for presentation and >80 peer-reviewed publications. She is also actively involved in research on vascular aging in women and in investigating the role of obesity, related cardiometabolic disturbances, and race/ethnicity in the development and progression of subclinical CVD. Dr. Barinas-Mitchell is Co-Director of the CVD Epidemiology T32 training program and actively mentors students and trainees at the master's, doctoral and post-doctoral level.


1991 | Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA | BA Chemistry
1998 | University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA | PhD Epidemiology
2001 | University of Pittsburgh,Pittsburgh, PA | Post-doctoral training in CVD Epidemiology


EPIDEM 2152: Workshop in Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology (2007-2012, Co-Instructor; 2012- Present, Instructor)

EPIDEM 2150: Epidemiology Cardiovascular Diseases (2011-Present, Guest Lecturer)

EPIDEM 2170: Chronic Disease Epidemiology (Fall 2020, Associate Instructor; Fall 2021, Co-Instructor)

BCHS 2526: Health Equity Research Methods (2015-2019, 2021 Guest Lecturer)

CVD Epidemiology Journal Club (2007- Present, Co-Instructor)

Co-Director, CVD Training Program (2012-Present)

Director, Health Equity Certificate Program

Selected Publications

A complete list of published work can be found in MyBibliography:


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