Ernesto T Marques

  • Associate Professor, Public Health Researcher, FIOCRUZ
  • Faculty in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

Dr. Marques is a researcher in the virology department at Fiocruz and has applied his career to vaccines, pre-clinical and clinical immunology, studying the immune responses to infections and/or vaccines in animal models, ex-vivo models and in clinical samples. In these studies, Dr. Marques has identified immune mechanisms associated with immunity and disease pathogenesis and this knowledge has been applied to the development of successful diagnostic tools that have been used in vaccinology and epidemiological surveys and vaccines that are being developed by the pharmaceutical industry. His main contributions are the development of molecular adjuvants for mRNA/DNA and vectored vaccines that enhances antigen presentation to CD4+ T-cells, the identification of the Zika outbreak in Recife, Brazil and the association of Zika infection with the microcephaly outbreak. Currently, he is working on Zika, Dengue, HIV and COVID-19 immune responses and vaccines. 


1993 | Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil | Medical Doctor - MD
1999 | The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine | Doctor of Philosophy - PhD


IDM - 2003 - Host Response to Microbial Infection - Course Coordinator

IDM - 2035 - Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases: Research and Practice - Course Coordinator

Lecturer in the courses IDM2002, IDM2014; IDM3440; IDM2004; IDM 2038; IDM2010;
Selected Publications

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