Greg Yothers

  • Research Professor
  • Senior Deputy Director and Deputy Group Statistician, NRG Oncology SDMC

My primary research interest is the design, implementation and analysis of phase II and III clinical trials for cancer research. My work with the NRG Oncology clinical trials group has included trials evaluating therapies for the treatment of colon, rectal, and breast cancer. The focus of my methodological research has been the development of statistical methodologies for identifying a subset of a clinical trial population where a treatment is effective.

I am one of the Primary Investigators for the NRG Oncology Statistics
and Data Management Center (SDMC) - a clinical trials research group comprising
200+ employees. I am the Senior Deputy Director and Deputy Group Statistician for NRG
Oncology SDMC.


2003 | University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA | Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics

1998 | University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA | Master of Arts in Statistics
1981 | Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA | Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Selected Publications

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