Hyun Jung (HJ) Park

  • Assistant Professor
  • Faculty in Human Genetics and Biostatistics

Our Vision: A.I. Meets Biology

We develop data-science techniques, AI-driven tools, and statistical inference methods to understand large-scale molecular dynamics in physiological and pathological conditions hidden in various biological layers. Based on the knowledge of the dynamics, we collaborate with clinicians to develop 'precision medicine' clinical strategies for patients.


2017 Postdoc Associate, Duncan Cancer Center (Wei Li, mentor), Baylor College of Medicine
2012 Ph.D., Computer Science (Luay Nakhleh, mentor), Rice University
2007 M.S., Computer Science (Tiffani Williams, mentor), Texas A&M University
2005 B.S., Computer Science, Yonsei University


HUGEN 2073 Genomic Data Visualization & Annotation
HUGEN 2072 Genomic Data Pipelines And Tools

Selected Publications

S. Kim^, Y. Bai, Z. Fan, B. Diergaarde, G. C. Tseng, H-J. Park*, The microRNA target site landscape is a novel molecular feature associating alternative polyadenylation with immune evasion activity in breast cancer.Briefings in Bioinformatics(2020), bbaa191

H-J. Parkˆ, P. Jiˆ, S. Kim, Z. Xia, B. Rodriguez, C-P. Masamha, A-B, Shyu, J. Neilson, E.J. Wagner*, W. Li*, “3′ UTR shortening Down-regulates Tumor Suppressors in trans by Disrupting the CeRNA Crosstalk."Nature Genetics, 50, 783-789 (2018). DOI:10.1038

H. J. Park^*, S. Kim, W. Li*, “Model-based analysis of competing-endogenous pathways
(MACPath) in human cancers”, PLoS Computational Biology, 14(3): e1006074. DOI:10.1371.

M. Jeong^,H. J. Park^, H. Celik, E. L. Ostrander, J. M. Reyes, A. Guzman, B. Rodriguez, Y. Lee, L. Ding, O. A. Guryanova, W. Li, M. A. Goodell*, G. A. Challen*, “Loss of Dnmt3a Immortalizes Hematopoietic Stem Cells in vivo”, Cell Reports, in press.

L. Minˆ, M. Jeongˆ, D. Sunˆ,H-J. Parkˆ, B. Rodriguezˆ, Z. Xia, L. Yang, X. Zhang, GJ. Darlington, W. Li* and M.A. Goodell*, “Long Non-coding RNAs Control Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) Function." Cell Stem Cell, 16(4):426-38, 2015. DOI:10.1016/j.stem.2015.02.002

L. Wangˆ, H-J. Parkˆ, S. Wang, J-P Kocher, W. Li*, “CPAT: Coding-Potential Assessment Tool Using an Alignment-Free Logistic Regression Model." Nucleic Acid Research 41(6), 2013, DOI:10.1093/nar/gkt006

H-J. Parkˆ and L. Nakhleh*, “Inference of Reticulate Evolutionary Histories by Maximum Likelihood: The Performance of Information Criteria." BMC Bioinformatics, 13: S12, 2012. bmcbioinformatics.biomedcentral.com/articles