Iva Miljkovic

  • Associate Professor
  • The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Liaison, Epidemiology
  • Faculty in Epidemiology

Dr. Miljkovic's research focuses on the epidemiology of obesity, muscle, and metabolism, in particular skeletal muscle adipose tissue infiltration (i.e. myosteatosis). Specifically, Dr. Miljkovic studies concepts to better understanding of clinical consequences of myosteatosis, race/ethnic and sex differences in myosteatosis, aging-related increases in myosteatosis, as well as lifestyle, biological, metabolic, genetic and molecular factors that underlie variation in myosteatosis and differential adipose tissue deposition in general. More recently, Dr. Miljkovic has been pioneering research on the role of muscle, myosteatosis, and metabolism in brain health. Her long-term goal is to identify risk factors and potential biological targets for novel strategies to preserve a healthier body fat distribution and skeletal muscle, and thus, to improve metabolic and brain health of the typically underserved and understudied older and minority populations, locally and globally. Dr. Miljkovic’s research portfolio in global health has contributed to advancing chronic disease research in the Caribbean Region.


2000 / University of Novi Sad, School of Medicine, Novi Sad, Serbia /MD

2004 / University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, PA / PhD

2008 / University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, PA / Post-Doctoral Degree


 Chronic Disease Epidemiology (EPIDEM 2170)

Selected Publications