Jason A Deakings

  • Assistant Professor
  • Faculty in Behavioral and Community Health Sciences and Center for Health Equity

Jason A. Deakings is a health equity and social justice scholar, non-traditional researcher and educator. He has over 15 years of experience navigating the non-profit world centering community capacity, social mobility and support services. Particularly, providing actionable solutions to sociopolitical and structural issues that have paused and oppressed Black and Brown communities. By leveraging his resources, Deakings has helped with the development of protocol and procedures, grant funding and capacity building for several organizations. Jason has instructed public health courses centered around the social determinants of health, global health, community-engagement and research justice. His research has primarily focused on the interaction of the Black community with the clinical setting, specifically surrounding uptake of services and the health outcomes of Black women. Introducing and resourcing non-traditional research and healing methods to address growing inequities (e.g., Sister Circles, Black Feminist Thought, and music), he has continued the work of Black Feminist scholars before him who have led the charge for health justice. 

With studies and action plans aimed at examining the perceptions of CPS and the uptake of pediatric services, addressing STD/STI/HIV stigma among justice-involved Black young adults, and the evaluation of prenatal uptake of services for ESL women, Deakings stays busy ensuring the narratives and lived experiences of those who have often been shut out of the academia conversation to be brought to light. In addition to his work being presented at national and international conferences at the United Nations and beyond, he has continued to strive to impact the quality of life and wellbeing of oppressed communities across the country by filling the gap wherever needed. 

"Until we address the plight and issues of the [least of these], we will never reach true justice".  


Doctor of Philosophy - HPBS, University of Louisville SPHIS, 2023

Master of Science in Public Health, Meharry Medical College, 2018

Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Phoenix, 2016


Intro to Community-based Approaches to Public Health - PUBHLT 0300

Essentials of Health Equity: Social Determinants of Health - PUBHLT 0120

First Year Public Health Seminar - PUBHLT 0140

Selected Publications

Cunningham Erves, J.C., Kelly-Taylor., Mayo-Gamble, T.L., Deakings, J., Forbes, L. A Physician’s Recommendation for HPV vaccination: What makes African American Mothers compliant? Pediatric Infectious Disease.

Cunningham-Erves, J., Forbes, L., Ivankova, N., Mayo-Gamble, T., Kelly-Taylor, K., Deakings, J. (2018, March). Black mother's intention to vaccinate daughters against HPV: A mixed methods approach to identify opportunities for targeted communication. Gynecologic Oncology, DOI: 10.1016/j.ygyno.2018.03.047.

Cunningham Erves, J.C., Deakings, J., Mayo-Gamble, T.L., Kelly-Taylor., Miller, S. T. (2019, January). Factors influencing parental trust in medical researchers for child and adolescent patients’ clinical trial participation. Psychology Health Med, DOI: 10. 1080/13548506.2019.1566623.