Quasar S Padiath

  • Chair and Associate Professor
  • Faculty in Human Genetics and Neurobiology
  • Member, Center for Neuroscience (CNUP)

The major focus of the Padiath lab is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying various neurological disorders. To achieve this, the lab uses human genetic approaches as well as research on model organisms such as mice and flies. Presently, we are studying the genetic basis of the a class of demyelinating disorders know as leukodystrophies.

A major focus of lab is the adult onset demyelinating disorder, Autosomal Dominant Leukodystrophy (ADLD) that is caused by the overexpression of the nuclear lamina protein, Lamin B1.

We hope that understanding demyelinating disease mechanisms will help us identify novel pathways that regulate myelin formation and maintenance.

Research Interests:
Molecular mechanisms of neurological disorders, especially myelin formation and maintenance, using data on humans and mouse and fruit fly models.

Molecular organization and structure of the nuclear lamina


1995 | Kilpauk Medical College, Madras, Dr. MGR Medical University, Madras, India | Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)
2001 | Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India | Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Hugen 2040: Molecular Basis of Inherited Disease
HUGEN2034: Biochemical and Molecular Genetics of Complex Diseases
HUGEN2032: Genetic Techniques
MSNBIO 2112: Neurobiology of Disease
MED 5115 Genetics - Human Genetics
MSNBIO 2101 / NROSCI 2101: Cell and Molecular Neurobiology

Selected Publications
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  2. Nmezi B, Xu J, Fu R, Armiger TJ, Rodriguez-Bey G, Powell JS, Ma H, Sullivan M, Tu Y, Chen NY, Young SG, Stolz DB, Dahl KN*, Liu Y*, Padiath QS*.A concentric model for the spatial organization of the nuclear lamina predicts distinct functional roles for the A and B type networks. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. (2019) PMID:30765529.
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Full list of publications

Xu Y, Saleem Q, Shapiro RE, Jones CR, Wu SC, Saigoh N, Ptacek LJ, Fu YH. Functional consequences of a CKIdelta mutation causing familial advanced sleep phase syndrome. Nature. 2005;434(0):640-4. PMID:15800623.