Rachel H Mackey

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr. Mackey graduated from Princeton University before doing her masters and PhD in epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. Her expertise is in the measurement, evaluation and interpretation of biomarkers, particularly lipoproteins and cytokines, and non-invasive measures of atherosclerosis and arterial function as indices of cardiovascular risk in large epidemiological studies including CHS, MESA, SWAN, LABS and WHI. Dr. Mackey has first authored two book chapters and has published >80 peer-reviewed or invited manuscripts and several book chapters. She is a Fellow of the American Heart Association and has served on several national AHA scientific committees. Dr. Mackey is a faculty member/contributor to the Translation of HDL Science Curriculum for the National Lipid Association. A longstanding research focus of hers is the potential for biological insights from lipoprotein particle concentrations in situations of “lipid paradox,” such as among postmenopausal women, metabolic syndrome, extreme obesity and rheumatoid arthritis. Earlier work showed that lipoproteins might explain absence of CHD reduction in the WHI hormone therapy trial. A paper using MESA data that showed that HDL particle concentration may explain some recent paradoxical findings with HDL-C was chosen as one of the top papers of 2012 by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Mackey is involved in additional studies of CVD risk in extreme obesity, rheumatoid arthritis and the elderly, with a focus on the interaction of HDL with inflammation in relation to outcomes.


1990 | Princeton University | A.B. Social History
1998 | University of Pittsburgh | MPH, Epidemiology
2001 | University of Pittsburgh | PhD, Epidemiology

Post-doctoral Training

  • Course in Scientific Management and Leadership, Office of Academic Career Development, Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
  • Genomics and Proteomic Approaches to Complex Heart, Lung, Blood & Sleep Disorders NHLBI Short Course, Jackson Lab, Bar Harbor, ME, 2008

Epidemiology 2180: Epidemiology Methods I. 2013-2014

Selected Publications
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