Ron Stall

  • Professor Emeritus

Stall began working in HIV research in 1984 when he started working with the AIDS Behavioral Research Project, one of the first longitudinal studies of AIDS risk-taking behaviors in the world. Since that time, he has published over 190 peer-reviewed scientific papers on many different aspects of the AIDS epidemic. Recently, Stall has become interested in the combined effects of multiple psychosocial epidemics, or “syndemics” in driving HIV risk. His team is now working on a set of analyses to study how structural factors increase the prevalence of syndemic conditions among gay men and their relationship to the development of psychosocial health problems and how the study of syndemics might be used to inform combination HIV prevention models. Stall is the 1999 recipient of the Chuck Frutchey Board of Directors Award from STOP AIDS/San Francisco, is listed as one of the most highly cited behavioral science researchers in the world in the ISI Most Highly Cited website, received the 2005 CDC/ATSDR Honor Award for Public Health Epidemiology and Laboratory Research and was inducted into Delta Omega (a public health honor society) in 2006.


University of California, San Francisco Ph.D. (1984) Medical Anthropology
University of California, Berkeley M.P.H. (1983) Epidemiology
University of Kentucky, Lexington M.A. (1979) Anthropology
University of Florida, Gainesville B.A. (1976) History/Latin, American Studies


Research Interests

HIV prevention and behavioral epidemiology, both in the United States and abroad Research Summary The primary focus of my research has been in HIV prevention and behavioral epidemiology, both in the United States and abroad. I also have conducted numerous research projects in the areas of substance abuse epidemiology, smoking, aging, mental health, and housing as health care. Although a great deal of my research has been conducted among gay men, I also have worked with other populations at high risk of HIV infection and expect to expand on this work.

Selected Publications

Stall, R.; Egan, J.; Kinsky, S.: Coulter, R.; Friedman, M.; Matthews, D.; Klindera, K; Cowing, M. "Overview of the University of Pittsburgh/amfAR Training Program in HIV Prevention Research for MSM and Male-to-Female Transgender Populations in Low- and Middle-Income Countries",AIDS and Behavior, In press.

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