Susanne M Gollin

  • Professor Emerita
  • Faculty in Human Genetics

Susanne M. Gollin, is a professor of Human Genetics, University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health and Clinical Cytogenetics Consultant in the Pittsburgh Cytogenetics Laboratory. She is a researcher, teacher, and clinical cytogeneticist, board certified by the American College of Medical Genetics & Genomics. Research Interests: Cytogenetic alterations as diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic biomarkers for cancers; mechanisms involved in chromosomal instability; defects in the DNA damage response in cancer cells; cancer patient advocacy. On a mission to cure cancer, or at least make it a chronic disease rather than a deadly one.


1974 | Northwestern University, Evanston, IL | B.A. Biological Sciences
1975 | Northwestern University, Evanston, IL | M.S. Biological Sciences
1980 | Northwestern University, Evanston, IL | Ph.D. Biological Sciences (Developmental Genetics)


Fall Term HuGen2011 Scientific Writing in Human Genetics
Spring Term HuGen2031 Chromosomes & Human Disease

Selected Publications