Vladimir A Tyurin

  • Assistant Professor
  • Faculty in Environmental and Occupational Health

My primary research is focused on the oxidative lipidomics, particularly on assessing the role of lipid metabolites in cells, membrane-bound complexes and identifying the molecular mechanisms through which they facilitate cellular function.

I certify that my ORCID iD is: 0000-0002-3474-1697


1968 - 1973 - Far East State University, Vladivostok, Russia, MS Biophysics

1975 - 1980 - Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, PhD Biophysics

Post Graduate
1997 - 2000 - University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A., Oncology Research Faculty Development Program

Selected Publications

Paper published:

1.Tyurina YY, Winnica DE, Kapralova VI, Kapralov AA, Tyurin VA, Kagan VE. LC/MS characterization of rotenone induced cardiolipin oxidation in human lymphocytes: implications for mitochondrial dysfunction associated with Parkinson’s disease. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research. 2013 Aug; 57 (8):1410-22. PMCID: PMC3810210. PMID: 23650208.

2.Chu CT, Ji J, Dagda RK, Jiang JF, Tyurina YY, Kapralov AA, Tyurin VA, Yanamala N, Shrivastava IH, Mohammadyani D, Qiang Wang KZ, Zhu J, Klein-Seetharaman J, Balasubramanian K, Amoscato AA, Borisenko G, Huang Z, Gusdon AM, Cheikhi A, Steer EK, Wang R, Baty C, Watkins S, Bahar I, Bayir H, Kagan VE. Cardiolipin externalization to the outer mitochondrial membrane acts as an elimination signal for mitophagy in neuronal cells. Nature Cell Biology. 2013 Oct; 15 (10):1197-205. PMCID: PMC3806088. PMID: 24036476.

3.Tyurina YY, Domingues RM, Tyurin VA, Maciel E, Domingues P, Amoscato AA, Bayir H, Kagan VE. Characterization of cardiolipins and their oxidation products by LC-MS analysis. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids. 2014 Apr; 179:3-10. PMID: 24333544.

4.Fazzi F, Njah J, Di Giuseppe M, Winnica DE, Go K, Sala E, St Croix CM, Watkins SC, Tyurin VA, Phinney DG, Fattman CL, Leikauf GD, Kagan VE, Ortiz LA. TNFR1/phox interaction and TNFR1 mitochondrial translocation Thwart silica-induced pulmonary fibrosis. J Immunol. 2014 Apr 15;192(8):3837-46. PMID: 24623132.

5.Fabisiak JP, Tyurina YY, Tyurin VA, Kagan VE. Quantification of selective phosphatidylserine oxidation during apoptosis. Methods Mol Biol. 2014; 1105:603-611. PMID: 24623255.

6.Ramakrishnan R, Tyurin VA, Veglia F, Condamine T, Amoscato A, Mohammadyani D, Johnson JJ, Zhang LM, Klein-Seetharaman J, Celis E, Kagan VE, Gabrilovich DI. Oxidized lipids block antigen cross-presentation by dendritic cells in cancer. J Immunol. 2014; 192(6):2920-31. PMID: 24554775.

7.Tyurin VA, Balasubramanian K, Winnica D, Tyurina YY, Vikulina AS, He RR, Kapralov AA, Macphee CH, Kagan VE. Oxidatively modified phosphatidylserines on the surface of apoptotic cells are essential phagocytic ‘eat-me’ signals: cleavage and inhibition of phagocytosis by Lp-PLA2. Cell Death and Differentiation. 2014 May; 21 (5):825-35. PMCID: PMC3978307. PMID: 24464221.

8.Tyurina YY, Poloyac SM, Tyurin VA, Kapralov AA, Jiang J, Anthonymuthu TS, Kapralova VI, Vikulina AS, Jung MY, Epperly MW, Mohammadyani D, Klein-Seetharaman J, Jackson TC, Kochanek PM, Pitt BR, Greenberger JS, Vladimirov YA, Bayir H, Kagan VE. A mitochondrial pathway for biosynthesis of lipid mediators. Nature Chemistry. 2014 Jun; 6 (6):542-52. PMID: 24848241.