Xiuxia Zhou

  • Research Assistant Professor
  • Staff in Environmental and Occupational Health

My research interest has been focused on the role of N-glycosylation/sialylation on the abnormal epithelium repair in vitro and ex vivo in severe asthma. Particularly, human airway epithelial cells (HAECs) in air-liquid interface (ALI) culture are utilized to explore the molecular mechanisms of N-glycosylation associated ST6GAL1-MUC4B-ErbB2 axis in regulating epithelium wound repair through influencing epithelial cell proliferation / differentiation and integrity in chronic Type-2 inflammatory background. In addition, the effects of ST6GAL1-MUC4B-ErbB2 axis on other inflammatory cells are explored, as well as the interactions with Type-2 cytokine IL-13/IL-4R signaling pathways and their potential functions/implications in asthma.



1986 - Lanzhou University / B.S. of Biochemistry

1995 - Hebei Medical University / M.S. of Biochemistry

2000 - Hebei Medical University / Ph.D of Molecular Biology

2001 - National Jewish Medical and Research Center / Post-doc of asthma research


2001/Hebei Medical University/Professor


1998 - Awarded “Sun Zuomin” prize at Hebei Medical University

1999 - Outstanding Ph. D student at Hebei Medical University

2000 - Awarded “Sun Zuomin” prize at Hebei Medical University

2001 - Awarded Hebei Scientific and Technological Progress – First Prize


1986-2001/ Hebei Medical University, China /Biochemistry

1995-2001/Hebei Medical University, China/ Molecular Biology

Selected Publications

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