Zhen-Qiang (Marshal) Ma

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Epidemiology

My research interests are to link various data sources - vital records, cancer registry, BRFSS, hospital discharge data using common linkable identifier as well as geographical identifier and to use these linked data to better design and evaluate public health programs. I am also interested in using appropriate epidemiological study design and statistical methods application in public health practice."


1987 | Nanjing Medical University Medical School, Zhenjiang, China | MD

2002 | West Chester University of Pennsylvania, West Chester, PA | MPH

2008 | West Chester University of Pennsylvania, West Chester, PA | MS

Selected Publications

McClintock S,Ma ZQ, Rieger R. Incorrect Inference in Prevalence Trend Analysis due to Misuse of the Odds Ratio. Annals of Epidemiology. 2016;26:136-140.

Ma ZQ, Sneeringer KC, Liu L, Kuller LH. Time series evaluation of birth defects in Pennsylvania in areas with or without unconventional natural gas drilling activities. Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health Review. In press.

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