Global Health

Global health refers to health issues that transcend national boundaries. Unprecedented challenges brought on by issues such as shifting immigration patterns, climate change, conflict and global commerce are at the center of today's work. A certificate in Global Health will prepare you to meet the challenges of today's complex health problems and work in settings that increasingly demand interdisciplinary and global thinking skills.

Academic Requirements

  • PUBHLT 2025 Concepts and Methods in Global Health (2 credits)
  • PUBHLT 2027 Transforming Global Health Education Into Action (2 credits)
  • One course from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs is required from the list of approved classes (3 credits)

Note: Core courses cannot overlap with any other departmental requirement. Overlap is permitted for the remaining required courses and these may also fulfill departmental requirements.


You will be able to engage in various co-curricular opportunities offered throughout the year. These consist of events such as symposia, film and video programs, workshops and lectures covering a wide range of topics.

Global Health Certificate Handbook
Global Health Certificate Checklist


The requirements for admission to the Global Health Certificate are equivalent to those for an MPH degree. You are required to submit a statement of purpose and objectives (no more than 1500 words) which should address the following:

  1. Reason for interest in global health
  2. Previous experience in global health (if any)
  3. How the certificate will contribute to career goals

Admission decisions are made by the program director.

How to Apply

This program is managed by the Center for Global Health.