The School of Public Health and its seven departments are composed of a diverse community of researchers, educators, students, collaborators and leaders working to transforming the future of public health. Their research and initiatives employ investigative sciences to find the causes of public health threats, develop interventions, enhance processes, and build health equity among populations.

With a new bachelor’s program and nearly thirty specialized master's and doctoral programs across our seven departments, you’re sure to find one that matches your passion, strengths, background and career goals.

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Behavioral and Community Health Sciences

Improve health by engaging people, communities and systems to create a more equitable and just world.

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Utilize state-of-the art statistical methods to investigate, analyze and effectively address the world’s most pressing biomedical and public health problems.

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Environmental and Occupational Health

Identify how environment and occupations may pose a threat to people’s health, and take actions to minimize these threats.

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Track diseases to recognize epidemics, identify risk factors and design interventions—from infectious diseases such as COVID-19 to aging and chronic disease prevention.

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Health Policy and Management

Enhance health care by improving costs, access and quality with translational research in policymaking, modeling and health economics.

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Human Genetics

Investigate how genetic, environmental and behavioral factors affect human wellness with the goal of improving the health of individuals, families and populations.

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Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

Immerse yourself in cross-disciplinary infectious disease laboratory and population-based research, including climate and health, and community practice and intervention.

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