‘Make the fentanyl go away’? The rise of fentanyl analogs buoys challenges for reducing substance use in Allegheny County

“You don’t know the potency of it,” said Dr. Jeanine Buchanich, associate dean for research and a professor of Biostatistics. 

A team of biostatisticians led by University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health scientists announced today in PNAS that they’ve developed a framework to determine how much congruence and discordance laboratory animals have with specific human diseases.

Statistics Remove Bias from Debate about How Well Mouse Models Mimic Human Disease

Mice and other animals have been key to some of the biggest medical breakthroughs in human history.

Polynesian Study

Polynesian Study Yields New Clues to Genetic Causes of High Cholesterol

UPMC- The discovery of a genetic variant that is relatively common among people of Polynesian ancestry, but incredibly rare in most other populations, is giving clues to the genetic underpinnings of high cholesterol in all people.