Financial Aid

Many Pitt Public Health doctoral students and some master’s students receive some type of financial aid in the form of student loans, full or partial scholarships, fellowships, student hourly jobs, or assistantships. While funding is not guaranteed for every student, Pitt Public Health provided more than 5 million dollars in financial aid last year. Check out the school-level tuition and financial aid overview to review all options on financing your degree, then contact your department for more information on specific awards and assistantships.

Biostatistics PhD Students

The Department of Biostatistics provides full financial aid for approximately 40 PhD students per year. Students may be appointed as teaching assistants or graduate student researchers with the expectation of 20 hours a week devoted to the appointment. A TA supports faculty teaching a specific course(s) by providing office hours for students, creating homework keys, grading assignments and/or leading recitations. A GSR provides support to funded research projects maintained by either the Department of Biostatistics or collaborators in other departments. Both types of appointments include a stipend, tuition waiver and medical benefits.  

Biostatistics MS Students

The department awards financial aid to applicable MS students at the time of admission. Many MS students obtain jobs in the University or surrounding area performing data analysis and other statistical tasks. The department circulates job advertisements when available to all students.