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Pitt Alumni Career Network

In an ever-changing world, the skills and knowledge Pitt alumni developed while in their degree programs are of great value. The Pitt Alumni Career Network provides tools and resources for alumni looking to learn or upskill, change careers, grow a professional network or seek additional knowledge. Explore career coaching and programs, resources, events and networking opportunities to drive career and professional growth.


Discover jobs and internships in the U.S. and around the world. Connect with our international community and find resources to level up your global career. International and domestic students and alumni can use Interstride to find jobs and internships, find companies that sponsor work visas, connect with your international community, and find webinars, courses and career resources.

Pitt Career Center Alumni Career Services

The Career Center is excited to support Pitt alumni in their career endeavors. Individual career assistance is free for alumni for 1 year after graduation.

Public Health Directory of Job Search Websites

Visit the directory for a curated list of public health job search websites.

Additional, On-Demand Resources

These convenient resources help you schedule an appointment, fine-tune your resume, browse jobs, perfect your interview process, network and negotiate for the career you want.

Pitt Public Health Mentor Network

The Purpose of the Pitt Public Health Mentor Network is to build community and improve professional development and career preparedness for current students and recent alumni. Mentoring relationships established through this network are meant to provide valuable support and guidance to mentees as they navigate their careers, explore new career paths, and/or consider further education and training.

The network also provides a platform for Pitt Public Health alumni to safely connect with each other and with other professionals in public health and related fields from across the country and around the world.

Pitt Alumni Connecting with Trainees

Graduate students and postdocs share a bond with alumni of Pitt's training programs in the health sciences: experience, drive and passion! This connection is not bound by geographical limitations and, through the PittACT Initiative, doctoral and postdoctoral alumni and current trainees will be able to network and build powerful connections, share about diverse career pathways, provide and obtain guidance and mentorship and, ultimately, help forge new futures.

Alumni & Student Network

The University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health on LinkedIn is the official online meeting place for students and alumni. Join today!

Hire a Graduate

If you are interested in hiring a Pitt Public Health student or graduate, please contact Mike Dolinger for guidance on how to post your position or simply create an employer account in Handshake.