EPI Student Liaison Committee


The Student Liaison Committee is a standing committee within the Department of Epidemiology. The faculty co-chairs provide regular reports during faculty meetings. We also report back to students the core issues raised from surveys/listening sessions and the ways in which issues have been addressed (or are pending). SLC currently consists of two faculty members and three student representatives for each epidemiology program. The students volunteer to serve and are not elected. The SLC meets as often as needed, usually every eight weeks (about two months), to discuss processes for obtaining student feedback, implementing any feedback or addressing issues.

Committee Objectives and Goals

The main objective of the SLC is to provide an official forum for students to discuss issues relating to all aspects of their graduate programs within the Department of Epidemiology, and to facilitate the communication and the flow of information between the Department's graduate students and its faculty and administration. The SLC also serves as a body to follow-up on core issues raised by students and how they may be addressed by the respective bodies within the Department (e.g., Curriculum Committee).

The SLC obtains student feedback and input in 3 primary ways: (1) in-person or virtual discussion/listening sessions;  (2) online surveys; (3) our Question/Comment Form (below).

Core Items and Themes Discussed/Surveyed

  • Coursework/curriculum
  • Student services
  • Admissions/Acceptance/Orientation
  • Environment/Climate
  • Mentorship and Advising
  • Thesis/Essay/Dissertation/Internship
  • Seminar
  • Facilities

Question/Comment Form