Why Study Human Genetics?

  • Do you want to use cutting-edge experimental and computational technologies to discover how genetic factors influence health and disease?
    Consider the MS in human genetics, the MS in genome bioinformatics or the PhD or MD/PhD in human genetics
  • Do you want to apply knowledge of genetics to improve the health of populations?
    Consider the MPH and certificate in public health genetics 
  • Do you want to counsel patients and their families about risk of genetic disease?
    Consider the MS in genetic counseling or the dual MS/MPH program. 
Academic Programs
MPH in Public Health Genetics

The MPH in Human Genetics program integrates genetics and the public health science disciplines of epidemiology, pathobiology, biostatistics, environmental health, and health services research, with ethics, social sciences, public affairs, economics and law.

MS in Genetic Counseling

The MSGC graduate program at the University of Pittsburgh is committed to providing cutting edge training in the complex science of genetics while fostering a strong foundation in counseling.

MS in Genome Bioinformatics

The MSGB program prepares students for careers analyzing the human genome both in academia and in pharmaceutical and genomic testing industries.

MS in Human Genetics

The MSHG program prepares students for careers as contributing members of genetics and genomics research teams in academia or industry.

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Genetics

The doctoral program in human genetics prepares students for careers leading genetics and genomics research in academia or industry.

MD/PhD Joint Degree

The joint MD/PhD program is a unique arrangement between the Department of Human Genetics and the MSTP, a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

Dual MPH/MS Genetic Counseling

Graduates of the dual degree program are well-prepared to integrate public health genetics into clinical, research, public health, and industry settings.

Certificate in Public Health Genetics

The certificate in Public Health Genetics trains graduates to incorporate knowledge of how genes, together with the environment and behavior, influence health and apply this insight into their area of practice or research.