covid vaccine vials
September 16, 2022

Lichtveld among local experts urging residents to maintain COVID-19 safeguards

PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE - Dean Maureen Lichtveld said "We can't declare something as over until we've addressed the needs of those most at risk," including the young, elderly, unhoused and minorities who have been disproportionately impacted by severe COVID-19 disease. 

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September 13, 2022

How 'This is Us' put Alzheimer's care in the spotlight

US NEWS & WORLD REPORT - Online survey of over 700 people finds that episodes, where the mother in the show struggles with the devastation of her diagnosis, hit the mark. A “key finding was this idea that the storyline could help reduce stigma and encourage people to seek care,” said study author Beth Hoffman, a postdoctoral associate in the University of Pittsburgh's School of Public Health's department of behavioral and community health sciences.

Scott Cook
September 12, 2022

Alumnus chats with Pitt Public Health about public health journey and new book releases

Scott Cook (BCHS '93) had a busy summer this year. In addition to his day job as medical director of Recovery Centers of America in Monroeville, he also found time to release two books aimed at teaching adults and children how to find fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

Pitt and ElevateBio
August 29, 2022

Pitt and ElevateBio partner to bring cell and gene therapy manufacturing to Pittsburgh

PITTWIRE - Elected officials, community members and University and industry leaders gathered on Hazelwood Green on Thursday to celebrate a major step forward for the regional life sciences industry.

Abdus Wahed
August 29, 2022

Wahed receives funding to develop SMART patient-centered clinical trial methods

PITTWIRE -  Abdus Wahed, professor of  biostatistics , and his team will launch a three-year project to develop methodological and statistical guidance for a new way of testing treatment sequences.

Maureen Lichtveld
August 28, 2022

Maureen Lichtveld: Preparing the next generation of public health

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE - Now, more than ever, it is vital that public health takes the lead to counter health threats at every level of our common society — from continent to country, from state to county and from city to neighborhood. We know how to do this. Unfortunately, our recent efforts — often reactive — continue to fall short.

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August 24, 2022

Misinformation is a common thread between the COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS pandemics

THE CONVERSATION - IDM's Cristian Apetrei discusses the striking parallels between the HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 pandemics that show the dire consequences disinformation can have on both patients and society as a whole. COVID-19 isn’t the first pandemic where false and harmful information has set back public health.

Fracking site
August 17, 2022

Children living near Pennsylvania fracking sites are at increased risk of leukemia

WHYY - EOH's Dr. Bernard Goldstein weighs in on this study by researchers at Yale School of Public Health. He states, "It looks at a potential problem in ways that include new exposure metrics, which are really needed." Goldstein also says that though the factors that contribute to childhood leukemia are complex and still unclear, benzene is one known link.

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August 4, 2022

MPH grad focuses on infectious disease prevention

Dream job and publication as first author follow December graduation

Mya Brady (EPI ‘21) knows the value of interprofessional education.

August 4, 2022

How common are Paxlovid rebound cases?

Dean Maureen Lichtveld said a true “rebound” case means being infected with the same variant. “We know, for example, that with the coronavirus there are a number of variants,” Lichtveld said.

Jeremy Martinson
August 3, 2022

Jeremy Martinson is recipient of 2022 Craig Teaching Award

"The real reward for me has been to get to know such a talented and hardworking group of students. They are going to do great things, and it has been a privilege to play a role in their professional development, no matter how small."

Ying Ding
August 3, 2022

Ying Ding selected as Health Sciences Ascending Star awardee

Congratulations to BIOSTAT’s Ying Ding who was selected as Health Sciences Ascending Star awardee! This honor was established to recognize highly productive, creative mid-career faculty members in the six Schools of the Health Sciences and is accompanied by $25,000 in research support.

Richard Garland
August 2, 2022

Richard Garland featured on Public Health America

On this episode of Public Health America, Richard Garland discusses the national surge in gun violence and how it is a public health problem that requires public health intervention.

teaching in a classroom
July 28, 2022

A summer academy for high schoolers aims to bring more students to public health

PITTWIRE- To create Pitt’s Public Health Science Academy, take 10 teenagers from three Pittsburgh high schools, add 10 faculty mentors, mix with inspiration for four weeks and finish with possibly life-changing results.That’s the recipe that Dean Maureen Lichtveld crafted to attract more underrepresented students to the field, as well as to college itself.

Mary Hawk and Yan Ma
July 27, 2022

New Pitt Public Health leaders named

Two School of Public Health departments will welcome new leaders in time for the fall 2022 semester. Mary Hawk, DrPH, has been appointed chair of the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences (BCHS) and Yan Ma, PhD, will lead the Department of Biostatistics. Both positions are effective September 1.