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Enhancing Health for All by Improving Cost, Access, and Quality
Our strengths include the areas of health system governance and management, long-term care, Medicare and Medicaid policy, pharmaceutical policy, mathematical modeling and simulation, and health economics.


Dr. Marian Jarlenski and Dr. Dara Méndez

Building reproductive health equity upstream

The duo’s work focuses on tackling social determinants of health upstream at the policy level, which will help to dismantle structural racism and improve health inequities quicker and more completely.

Dr. Christine McClure

Promoting Health Equity: Insights and Advice from Dr. Christine McClure

Dr. Christine McClure provides insights and advice on health equity.

Pitt campus

New workshops will focus on ‘under-acknowledged’ single moms in higher ed

"There is a lot of data on single mothers attending college but not how many work in higher education," notes Christine McClure, senior research scientist in Health Policy and Management.