The Department of Human Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health is dedicated to genetics research, teaching, and services. The department has three major research missions:

  1. To develop and use genetic methods to investigate the causes and treatment of hereditary and acquired human illness.
  2. To understand and explore the impact of genetics on public health, education, and disease prevention.
  3. To appreciate the role of genetic diversity within human populations.

The department offers degrees at both the master’s and PhD level in human genetics, as well as a Master of Science degree in genetic counseling, a Master of Science degree in genome bioinformatics, and a Master of Public Health in public health genetics. Students gain a strong background in all aspects of human genetics as a result of a broad-based curriculum and research opportunities in basic, applied, or clinical genetics. The program emphasizes the study of genetic mechanisms related to the transition from normal to disease states, and how genes and the environment interact to affect the distribution of health and disease in human populations.