The MPH in Public Health Genetics curriculum is designed to give students a strong knowledge base in Human Genetics with a broad understanding of the field of public health.  Through the coursework, students are immersed in current topics in human genetics, public health, and the ethical, legal and social issues important to the field of public health genetics.  The curriculum, practicum experience, and MPH essay/thesis allow students to customize their educational experience to develop the skills important to their career goals after graduation.

A minimum of 47 credits is required for the MPH. This total is made up of public health core courses, a core of required courses in the Department of Human Genetics, and electives relevant to the student’s interests and program goals. Students can choose to focus their elective credits through a certificate program or from courses across the School of Public Health and the University. 

The program is designed to be completed in two years, though some students may choose an accelerated path and complete the program in 1 1/2 years. There is also the option to complete the program on a part-time basis.

The following represents one example of a course schedule for completing the program in two years. 

First Fall Semester

  • BIOST 2041 Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • HUGEN 2020 Human Population Genetics
  • HUGEN 2025 Human Genetics Seminar
  • HUGEN 2040 Molecular Basis of Human Inherited Disease
  • HUGEN 2049 Introduction to Public Health Genetics
  • PUBHLT 2022 The Dean's Public Health Grand Rounds
  • PUBHLT 2033 Foundations in Public Health
  • PUBHLT 2034 Public Health Communications

First Spring Semester

  • EOH 2013 Environmental Health and Disease
  • BCHS 2509 Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Health
  • HUGEN 2010 Bioinformatics Resources for Geneticists
  • HUGEN 2052 Ethical Issues in Clinical and Public Health Genetics
  • HPM 2001 Health Policy and Management in Public Health
  • HUGEN 2025 Human Genetics Seminar
  • PUBHLT 2022 The Dean’s Public Health Grand Rounds
  • HUGEN Core Course Choice
  • Elective Course

Summer Semester

  • Many students complete the MPH Practicum requirement in the summer
  • Limited summer classes are available, but not required

Second Fall Semester

  • HUGEN 2054  Applications in Public Health Genetics & Genomics
  • EPIDEM 2110  Principles of Epidemiology
  • HUGEN 2011  Scientific Writing
  • HUGEN 2050  Practicum
  • HUGEN 2021  Special Studies
  • Elective Credits

Second Spring Semester

  • PUBHLT 2035 Applications in Public Health
  • Elective Credits
  • Complete MPH Essay/Thesis