PhD Financial Aid

Students in the doctoral program typically secure funding to cover tuition and living expenses for all or most of their graduate work.

Funding Available for Exceptional Applicants

The department offers financial support to cover tuition and stipend for a limited number of highly qualified applicants to begin their doctoral studies. These students eventually find support through research mentors.

Graduate Students Researcher (GSR) Appointments/Stipends

Doctoral students are typically funded through appointments as GSRs. A GSR appointment covers the student’s stipend and benefits in exchange for performing duties related to the GSR supervisor’s research. GSR appointments may be supervised by the student’s dissertation research mentor, or by another investigator at the University. GSR appointments are not automatically assigned to incoming doctoral students. Matriculating students are responsible for contacting individual faculty directly regarding the availability of GSR appointments. Historically, students in the doctoral program have secured GSR appointments during the first year in the program.

Tuition Remittance

The department will cover the costs of tuition for all students appointed to a GSR position.


Matriculating or continuing doctoral students who are not appointed to a GSR position are responsible for providing alternative sources of funding to cover tuition and living expenses.