CHE Journal Club

The Center for Health Equity hosts a monthly journal club meeting to facilitate dialogue about health equity among students, faculty, staff, and community members. We hope to spark enriching discussion that leads to problem solving and action. 

How it works:

  • Any student, faculty, staff, or community member can collaborate to co-facilitate a CHE Journal Club!
  • Just email your request to Lora Ann Bray, CHE Manager, at, a month prior to the meeting you would like to lead.
  • Co-facilitators must select the health equity article and prepare at least five discussion questions to get the conversation flowing. You can ask your questions verbally or create slides—it’s up to you! The goal is to briefly summarize the article and foster a deeper dive into the health equity topic.
  • CHE takes care of all advertisements.

Selected Past Journal Club Topics

The road to dignity by 2030: ending poverty, transforming all lives and protecting the planet
United Nations General Assembly, (2014). Synthesis report of the Secretary General on the post-2015 sustainable development agenda.
Presenters: Joanne Russell, assistant dean and director, Center for Global Health, and Maria Abunto, MMPH Candidate

Paths to Success: Optimal and Equitable Health Outcomes for All
Rust G., Levine R.S., Fry-Johnson Y., Baltrus P., Ye J., & Mack D. (2012). , Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 23 (2): 7-19.  

Presenters: Mario Browne, BCHS Doctoral Student & Director, Office of Health Sciences Diversity, and Julie Kenyon, MPH Student

Racial and Spatial Relations as Fundamental Determinants of Health in Detroit
Schulz, A., Williams, D., Israel, B., & Bex Lempert, L. (2002).  The Milbank Quarterly, 80(4), 677-707
Presenters: Jeanette Trauth, Associate Professor and Francesca Flores, MPH student

Poor people, poor places, and poor health: the mediating role of social networks and social capital.
Catell, V. (2001). Social Science and Medicine, 52 (2001) 1501–16
Presenters: Jason Flatt, BCHS Doctoral Student and Laura Macia, PhD, BCHS
Presenters: Mark Friedman, Assistant Professor, and Beatrice Lors, MPH/MSW student