ADDORE Supplement

Building Researcher Capacity to Engage Diverse Communities in Down Syndrome and Aging

The Alzheimer’s Disease/Down Syndrome Engagement (ADDORE) Core Supplement is a project that aims to establish a community-led training and immersion experience to equip researchers with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of community and anti-racism praxis, in an effort to address community needs and increase literacy about brain aging, Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome. We do this through collaborations with both the Community Research Advisory Board (CRAB) and the Alzheimer’s Biomarkers Consortium -Down Syndrome (ABC-DS).              

Study Aims

  1. Execute the CRAB’s first community-led education and immersion experience with the ABC-DS as inaugural cohort members. 
  2. Equip Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome researchers with in-depth knowledge and understanding of community-based research of anti-racism praxis. 
  3. Assess how the training, education and immersion experience can help researchers co-design studies addressing the needs of the community. 

Long-term Goal

Increase community capacity related to Brain Aging, Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome 


  • April 2023 – Prepare a pre-assessment survey to send out to community/academic partners
  • May 2023 – Converse with outreach coordinators regarding key survey elements
  • June 2023 – Review results of the pre-assessment and prepare to present for the July meeting
  • July 2023 – Presentation of pre-assessment results and draft training plan; engage with partners for feedback on training plan 

Meet the Team

  • Dara D. Méndez, ADDORE supplement co-lead
  • Mario C. Browne, ADDORE supplement co-lead
  • Lora Ann Bray, CHE manager
  • Ann D. Cohen, ADDORE core lead
  • Andre L. Brown, equity education and practice expert
  • Elaine Jenkins, CRAB member, disability advocate
  • Roderick K. Blair, CRAB member
  • Aurelia Carter, CRAB member, disability advocate
  • Amrit Singh, project coordinator