Dean's Day

Since 1999, Dean’s Day—Pitt Public Health’s annual showcase of student research—has hosted poster sessions during which students present their work to the multidisciplinary Pitt Public Health community.

To participate, students must prepare and submit an abstract. All students who submit abstracts give poster presentations. All currently matriculated Pitt Public Health students are eligible to compete, with the exception of the previous year’s first place master’s and doctoral winners. 

Submit Your Abstract by March 3, 2023. 

This year's event will take place April 3-5. 

2022 Dean's Day Winners

Dean’s Day first place master’s: Rachel Merritt, IDM
Dean’s Day second place, master’s: Monica Henderson, BCHS
Dean’s Day third place, master’s: Haley Director, HUGEN

Dean’s Day first place doctoral: Chinwoke Isiguzo, BCHS
Dean’s Day second place, doctoral: Jessie Klousnitzer, EOH
Dean’s Day third place, doctoral: Alice Gao, HPM

Rosenkranz Award for the project judged to be the most significant contribution to the public health field: Bethany Flage, IDM

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award, master's: Emily Arthur, EPI
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award, doctoral: Donald Bourne, HPM

Department of Epidemiology master's award: Teja Pulavarthi
Department of Epidemiology doctoral award: team of John Herberger, Rebecca McAdams, Alice Arcury-Quandt, Adrianna Acevedo-Fontanez
Department of Epidemiology diversity award: Carly Belz