Students at commencement
We Create Healthier Communities
We prepare students to apply theories, concepts, and methods of the various social and behavioral science disciplines to the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs that prevent illness and promote health.


BCHS alumna Monica Henderson

A nurturing and ever-evolving path

A year after graduation, BCHS alumna Monica Henderson reflects on her personal and professional journey.

Sara Baumann

When viewed as public art, gardens grow mental health

“This is a critical space to explore because it impacts people at individual levels, but also how we relate to others and build community," said Sara Baumann.

Visualizing Mental Health Through the Lens of Pittsburgh Youth: A Collaborative Filmmaking Study During COVID-19

Youth use collaborative filmmaking to visualize mental health experiences

Our work focuses on using art, specifically film, for elevating discussions about sensitive public health topics, encouraging collaboration, and supporting advocacy.