MHA-MBA Joint Degree

The joint MHA/MBA program presents an outstanding opportunity to become highly skilled in the management of organizations across the full spectrum of the health industry. The MHA/MBA program is an "add-on" for the regular MHA, where students simultaneously pursue both degrees in a curriculum designed to optimize the coursework for both degrees in a shortened timeline (three years, compared to four years if taken consecutively). MHA/MBA students fulfill all of the same MHA requirements as the MHA-only students, but also fulfill all of the requirements of the MBA. 

Uniting the strengths of the School of Public Health and the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, the MHA/MBA program creates an outstanding portfolio of in-depth exposure to the health industry with leadership, analytical, and decision-making skills focused on finance, strategy, quality improvement, supply chain, analytics, and a host of other tools to effectively lead large organizations. The MHA/MBA seeks people interested in pursuing executive roles outside of healthcare delivery (e.g. consulting, insurance, biotech, pharmaceutical, etc.) or functional-area roles across the health industry (e.g. finance, strategic planning, marketing, supply chain, human resources, IM/IT, etc.). Prospective applicants who wish to pursue operational roles within healthcare delivery should pursue the MHA program. 

Opportunities for Graduates

Our highly trained graduates will be fully prepared to assume fast-track leadership positions in a variety of health industry organizations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for managers within the health industry to grow by 17 percent in the next decade. The U.S. health system is the largest industry in the United States, currently consuming nearly 18 percent of GDP. At the same time, there remain significant problems with cost, access and quality. 

Curriculum and Coursework

The standard full-time curriculum is a three-year, 73-credit course of study leading to the joint degree. The competency-based curriculum emphasizes both professional and leadership development, as well as functional management skills, blending courses across both Pitt Public Health’s Department of Health Policy and Management (MHA) and the Katz School (MBA) in six academic terms.

Students are required to complete a management residency during the program. These supervised placements in the health industry are an invaluable experience for professional development and networking. The student must also complete a master’s essay and an applied management project at their residency site.


Students must complete separate applications for, and be accepted into, both the School of Public Health and the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business. Please ensure that both sides are aware that you are applying to the MHA/MBA program. Applications to Pitt Public Health must be submitted through SOPHAS or HAMPCAS. Application to the Katz Graduate School of Business should be made on their website.