Practical Experience

MHA students are normally required to complete a residency of at least 450 hours prior to graduation. While students may apply to nationally competitive residencies or use their professional contacts to home-brew their own practical learning experience, most students participate in the Department’s facilitated matching process. Health executives (preceptors) come to campus to present their organization's opportunity to the students, allowing students to both learn about their options and expand their professional network. The matching process has two cycles:

The extended residency is about 1,000 hours (part-time during the second semester of the first year, full-time during the summer, and part-time during the second academic year). Preceptors present to students in October, and the application, interviewing, ranking, and matching process finishes up by early December. Students will then begin their extended residency in January. The extended management residency was developed to provide select students with longer exposure to their placement sites.

The summer residency is about 450 hours. Preceptors present their residency opportunities to students in January and February, and the application, interviewing, ranking, and matching process finishes up by early April. The summer residency, which normally begins in May, is a good option for students who are interested in working somewhere outside the Pittsburgh region, those who do not want to work while taking classes, and international students. Many summer residents extend their residency into their second academic year, resulting in 6- or 12-month opportunities.

Integrative Experience Setting Pie Chart

"$20 average hourly salary"The Department has made a considerable investment in leveraging our alumni and professional connections to expand the number of paid management residency sites. The unique blend of a facilitated match process with the freedom to pursue external opportunities allows multiple avenues for success and ensures a practical learning experience tailored to each student’s needs and interests. Please see the prior placement lists (right) for examples of residency sites.