Doctoral Dissertation Checklist

Dissertations must be documents submitted electronically and prepared according to the specific requirements for ETDs using the institutional repository D-Scholarship@Pitt. To help students meet these requirements, templates are available to help:

These templates offer many shortcuts and automatic features that allow you to quickly format your paper according to Pitt's guidelines. The templates are not self-explanatory, however, so understanding how they work before using them is necessary. Ready to get started? Click here for ETD format guidelines, template instructions, citation management, video tutorials, and more. Be sure to also review the Detailed Essay, Thesis, and Dissertation Rules which are summarized in the School’s Academic Handbook.

Dissertation Checklist:

  1. Upload thesis to D-Scholarship (remains in Student Affairs queue until reviewed)
    1. Follow the Submissions Steps. For additional guidance see the Dissertation D-Scholarship Account Info PDF.
    2. Make sure all pages are presented in correct numerical order and the proper size and orientation; that all tables and figures are present; that all references cited in the text are listed in the Bibliography; that the Table of Contents lists correct page numbers and titles; that bookmarks are created in the PDF; and that all hyperlinks and multimedia objects function properly.
  2. Email a copy of your Title Page and Abstract to
  3. Email your completed and signed ETD Approval Form to
  4. Email your processing fee receipt to First, send an email and provide your Student ID, the academic term, and the amount due ($50). The Student Payment Center will post the fee to your account and will then notify you by your Pitt email when it is added. The charge will appear in PittPAY on the Account Activity tab and you can process the payment on the Payment tab.
  5. Email your completed and signed Report on Requirements Form to your departmental student services liaison. RR forms are located on the Pitt Public Health Forms page.
  6. Complete Survey of Earned Doctorate and email certificate to
  7. Complete the Pitt Public Health Exit Survey.
  8. Complete AAUDE Doctoral Exit Survey. The link to the survey has been added to the "Paperwork specific for Dissertations" section of the ETD website. You will receive confirmation once completed. Please forward confirmation to