Graduate Research Topics

Essay, Thesis, and Dissertation Titles from 2023-24 Graduates

Abdul Hamid Alhassan, Ramatu (EPIDEM), "Digitizing Adolescent Health: A Comprehensive Literature Review of Digital Educational Tools for Sexual and Reproductive Health in Africa"

Acharya, Vibha (HUGEN), "Genetics of cognitive decline in older individuals in population-based cohorts"

Acharya, Vibha (HUGEN), "Analysis of Somatic Mutations in the Brain Regions of Alzheimer Disease Cases Using Whole-genome Sequencing”

Adrien, Jamal (BIOST), "Impact of Medical Compliance on Cardiovascular Emergency Room Admissions in New York: A Retrospective Survival Analysis Study"

Ahmad, Misbah (HPM), "Digital Transformation and Innovation in Health Insurance"

Akhtar, Saad (HUGEN), “Exploring the Experiences of People with Rare Diseases in Pennsylvania”

AL-SALIHI, BAN (HPM), "Mitigating Congestive Heart Failure Readmissions: The Role of UPMC Health Plan's Rapid Post Acute Care Team in Society and Healthcare"

Ayer, Rachel (EPIDEM), "Demographic Determinants of Perceived Health Risks from Pollution in the Wake of Petrochemical Industry Expansion in Beaver County, PA"

Bacha, Sarah (EPIDEM), "New York City Neonatal Herpes Database Migration: The Data Modernization Process and Implications of 2006-2019 Neonatal Herpes Data into Maven"

Bache, Emily (IDM), "Babesia microti prevalence in Southwest PA"

Ballantyne, Colleen (EPIDEM), "Household Lead Exposures for Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Allegheny County: Geographic and Social Vulnerability Trends"

Ballard, Savannah (IDM), "Advancing Harm Reduction: A Literature Review Exploring Barriers and Facilitators in Healthcare Settings"

Batoussi, Jessica (HPM), "Analysis on Academic Medical Centers’ Directional Strategies for Health Equity"

Bazon, Jenna (HPM), "Promoting Medication Safety Through Pharmacy-Led Medication Reconciliation"

Bednar, Samantha (BCHS), "A Program to Reduce Post-Transplant Alcohol Use"

Bhansali, Shruti (HUGEN), "Liquid Biopsy for Retinoblastoma"

Biju, Brandon (HPM), "Optimizing Healthcare Efficiency: A Comprehensive Approach to Enhancing Clinical and Administrative Operations"

Bober, Nicholas (EPIDEM), "Health Outcomes for UPMC Total Joint Replacement Patients in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania After Engaging in a Tobacco Cessation Pre-Surgical Pathway"

Boito, Dominic (HPM), "Pay for Performance Compensation Models - Value Based Compensation through Performance Incentives"

Booze, Grace (HUGEN), "Genetic Variants Associated with Herpes-Induced Encephalitis: A Review"

Bothwell, Emily (IDM), "Role of Environmental Immune Instruction in Dendritic Cell-mediated HIV-1 trans-infection"

Brady, Erin (BCHS), "An Examination of ADHD Symptomology in Females: Implications for Public Health Practice"

Breeze, Ariel (HUGEN), "Comparing Psychosocial Impacts of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Diagnoses Before and After
Newborn Screening Implementation"

Bryant, Autumn (HUGEN), "Genetics and Treatment of Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease"

Bsales, Desiree (HPM), "Learned Intermediary Doctrine in the Time of Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising"

Bu Saad, Mohammed (EPIDEM), "The Role of the Built Environment in Physical Activity Changes and Cardiometabolic
Outcomes Among Lifestyle Modification Intervention Participants"

Buchi, Elian (HUGEN), "A prospective study assessing cancer patients' perceptions regarding the value of cancer
genetic counseling"

Bulik, Melissa (HUGEN), "Transcriptional dysregulation associated with pathologic development and maintenance of
myofibroblasts in systemic sclerosis"

Burke, Erin Robin (EPIDEM), "Xylazine in the Illicit Opioid Supply: Injury, Overdose, and Trends in the United States"

Cai, Manqi (BIOST), "Statistical Methods for Cellular Deconvolution with Single-Cell Omics"

Cai, Sih-Ting (HPM), "Three Essays on End-Stage Renal Disease Treatment, Policies, and Markets"

Cameron, Flor de Abril (BCHS), “A Quantitative Exploration of Latinx Childbearing People’s Experiences of Obstetric
Violence and Respectful Maternity Care: A Secondary Analysis of the Giving Voices to Mothers Survey”

Carlson, Katie (IDM), "Disparities in human papillomavirus pathologic testing among diagnosed oropharyngeal cancer
patients in an NCDB database"

Carper, Abigail (IDM), "Regulation of Neurogranin (Nrgn), a Synaptic Protein, by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-1) Infection in the CNSáusing the 3D Organoid Model"

Carrington, Beyonce (EPIDEM), "Understanding the Impact of Paternal Cannabis Usage on Pre- and Post- Natal Outcomes: A Comprehensive Literature Review"

Checo, Grace (IDM), "Barriers and Facilitators to the Reduction of Zoonotic Spillover Risk in Wildlife Markets: A Case Study of Peru"

Cheng Zhang, Jia Qi (HUGEN), "Miniaturized CRISPR activation for a single AAV delivery method to treat LAMA2-Related Muscular Dystrophies"

Cheristin, Lynkey (HPM), "Identifying Ways Graduate Medical Education Can Increase Retention Among the New Generation of Physicians"

Choby, Erin (EPIDEM), "Mutual Benefits of Caregiver Implemented Music Interventions Among Persons with Dementia and their Caregivers: A Scoping Review"

Christian-Afflu, Stephanie (BCHS), "Health Screening Events as a Community-Clinical Linkages Strategy for Addressing Chronic Illnesses in Black Communities"

Christie, Amaya (EPIDEM), "Telehealth and Contraceptive Accessibility among Black Women: A Literature Review"

Cortez, Jonah (HPM), "Expanding School-Based Mental Health Services: Frameworks and Strategies for Improving Access to Care Among the Youth Medicaid Populations in Pennsylvania"

Cory, Sarah (IDM), "Assessing SARS-CoV-2 Disease Morbidity within the Navajo Tribal Nation in relation to the Reduced Access to Equitable Water Infrastructure and Health Policy"

Cowan, Brodey (HPM), "Facilities Projects in Support of Hospital Operations"

Daniels, Kellie (IDM), "Characterizing Hospital-associated Clostridioides difficile Infection: A Retrospective Descriptive Review and Bed Tracing Analysis"

De Santiago, Juan (HPM), "A Case Review on the Independence Health System Food Institute"

Demarest, Cassie (EPIDEM), "The burden of animal bites in Allegheny County, PA, 2022"

Deshpande, Rushikesh (EOH), "Role of viral accessory protein Orf7b in lung injury and T-cell lymphopenia"

Deslouches, Sandra (HUGEN), "Genetic Variability of EDIL3 in Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage"

Dholakia, Gayatri (HUGEN), "Regulation of acvrl1 and its Implication on Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia"

Dixon, Fatimah (EPIDEM), "Operationalizing Racial Equity Frameworks to Improve Community Health: A Practical  Application of the BET and R4P Framework to Conduct an Equity Evaluation of the REACH Coalition"

Dunphy, Liz (HPM), "Cost Savings in Womens Health"

Duong, Vivian (HUGEN), "Development and Evaluation of a Health Equity Workshop for Rare Disease Patients and Advocates"

Ehrenkranz, Rebecca (EPIDEM), "A population neuroscience approach to subjective wellbeing in older adults"

Ereifej, Deena (IDM), "Predictors and Risk Factors for Clostridioides difficile Transmission:  A Case Control Study"

Faisal, Uzma (MULTI), "Investigating Miscarriage Risk Factors: A Cross-Cluster Analysis in Thatta District, Sindh, Pakistan: findings from Global Networks’ Maternal and Newborn Health Registry"

Falgione, Jennifer (EPIDEM), "Assessing COVID-19 Transmission: Roommate and Unit Mate Exposures at UPMC Western Psychiatric"

Falo, Louis (HPM), "Effective Messaging Can Improve Public Trust"

Finch, Kimberly (HPM), "Driving Clinical and Academic Behaviors Through Performance Based Plans"

Fineman, Gretchen (HPM), "The American Rescue Plan Act and States’ Use of Mandatory Grants for the Prevention of Elder Abuse"

Finkelstein, Alan (MULTI), "Is Our Water Safe to Drink?  A View from Rural Honduras"

Fonge, Yaneve (MULTI), "Understanding the Role of Ther Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma in Preventing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality From Postpartum Hemorrhage"

Frankeberger, Jessica (BCHS), "Individual and Social Ecological Contexts of Opioid Overdose and Hospitalizations in the First Year Postpartum"

Goawala, Zainab (EPIDEM), "Attitudes Towards Anal Cancer and Screening Among People Living with HIV in Puerto Rico and Their Association with Education Attainment"

Godina, Sara (EPIDEM), "Examining the association of race and neighborhood greenspace on cognitive outcomes: brain structure and impairment free life span"

Goetz, Breanna Jay (IDM), "Committee Membership Page COVID-19 Vaccine Attitudes Among Veterans in the Veteran Affairs Pittsburgh Healthcare System"

Graudin, Grace (IDM), "Glycosamnioglycan binding of strain-specific polymorphisms in the chikungunya virus E2 glycoprotein”

Gross, Cristy (BCHS), "“Bloody Brilliant”: A mixed methods approach to studying menstruation on television and in movies from 1970 to 2024"

Gupta, Priyanka (HPM), "Innovation within Highmark Inc.'s Medicaid Business Unit"

Gutzmer, Lynsey (HPM), "Resilience Within Graduate Students: How Can Graduate-Level Institutions Invoke Greater Resilience and Improved Emotional Well-Being for Their Students?"

Hames, Alexandra (HPM), "Health Care Affordability for Adults Aged 60 and Older: The Role of Insurance Benefit Design”

Henderson, Cynterria (BCHS), "Fostering Trust and Advancing Health Equity: An Innovative Pilot Curriculum Rooted in Principles of Trustworthiness"

Herbert, Brandon (EPIDEM), "The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Acute Coronary Syndrome Hospitalizations and Identifying Implications for Future Public Health Response Measures to Pandemics"

Hon, Jacqueline (MULTI), "Audit and Evaluation of Medication Overrides at a Tertiary Care Center"

Hrach, Emily (HUGEN), "Assessing patient perceptions and understandings of genetic testing after pregnancy loss"

Hughson, Alexandra (IDM), "The effects of clinical HIV-1 mutations on lenacapavir sensitivity and host protein binding to capsid"

Ibe, Ngozi (HPM), "Meeting the Member Where They Are: Community-Based Intervention Strategies to Advance Toward Equitable Outcomes in Medicare Advantage Plans"

Impagliazzo, Carolyn (EPIDEM), "Patient outcomes related to telehealth delivery of specialty palliative care: A literature review"

Jacobs, Ian (BIOST), "Exploring the Additive Effects of Religious Participation on Multivariate, Demographics Based Machine Learning Models"

Jacobson, Elise (HUGEN), "Adeno-associated virus (AAV)-mediated in vitro delivery of functional TYR gene for OCA1 gene therapy"

Jean, Kaley (HUGEN), "An exploration of the disparities toward the LGBTQ+ population in clinical trials"

Jiang, Alan (HPM), "The Impact of COVID-19 on Nurses: Issues and Optimization Strategies"

Jobe, Abdoulai (HPM), "Analysis of The Capability Model. Annual Goals Tracking, and Mind on Medicaid Initiatives at Highmark"

Johnson, Eve (EPIDEM), "An Evaluation of Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh's Planning Phase: September 2021-August 2022”

Jones, Nadia (BCHS), "Process Evaluation of Community Engagement Alliance (Against COVID-19 Disparities) Consultative Resource"

Joseph, Kevin (IDM), "Determining the Frequency, Size, and Proviral Expression of Infected Cell Clones Harboring Replication-Competent (Intact) HIV-1 Proviruses"

Ju, Jinghui (EPIDEM), "The interrelationship between reproductive and cardiometabolic factors among women with childhood-onset type 1 diabetes"

Kalman, Justin (HPM), "Beyond Human Limits: The Introduction of Artificial Intelligence into Screening Mammography to Improve Breast Cancer Detection"

Kameg, Brayden (BCHS), "The Relationship Between Substance Use, Suicidality, and Access to Care Among Women Veterans”

Kandel, Caitlyn (HUGEN), "hEDS and HSD Patient Educational Materials and Resources: Patient Experiences and Needs, and the Availability and Accessibility of Information"

Katyal, Christopher (IDM), “A Systematic Review of Large Particle Aerosol Generation and its Effects on the Clinical Manifestation of Pathogens”

Kerper, Shaye (HUGEN), "Refining Research through Dialogue: Lessons from Older Adult Community Engagement Studio Feedback"

Khan, Muhammad Sohaib (IDM), "Development of immunogenic, distributable, and equitable SARS-CoV-2 vaccines"

Kim, Namhyun (EPIDEM), "Association between food intake timing and sleep health"

Kline, Caitlyn (EPIDEM), “Predictors of Change in Carotid Artery Ultrasound in the Long Life Family Study”

Klusman, Elizabeth (EPIDEM), "Determinants of Experienced Health Barriers Among People Living with HIV in Southwestern Pennsylvania"

Koffi, Afi (HPM), "Addressing the Primary Care Physician Shortage: A Focused Review of Policy Interventions and Their Implications"

Kolibash Royse, Sarah (EPIDEM), "Toward reducing disparities: identifying the biological, genetic, and social risk factors for Alzheimer's disease in older adult African American populations"

Kostour, Victoria (HUGEN), "U.S.-Trained Genetic Counselors' Perspectives on Completing International Rotations: A Thematic Analysis”

Kozinski, Rhianna (EPIDEM), "Reviewing Appropriateness of C. difficile Testing and Ordering Practices: An Approach to Reduce Pediatric C. difficile Infections"

Kun, Bianca (HUGEN), "Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and the risk of preterm birth in African American women”

Kunsak, Hannah (EPIDEM), "Emotional Intimate Partner Violence and Adverse Birth Outcomes: A Literature Review"

Kwiecinski, Hannah (EPIDEM), "Isolated Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury: Outcomes and Complications of Operative and Nonoperative Treatment"

Lavnish (MULTI), "Early-Onset Diabetes in Allegheny County - a health equity perspective"

Levy, Sasha (BCHS), "Exploring the Burden on Family Caregivers from Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups Caring for Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States: A Comprehensive Thematic Literature Review"

Lew, Sabrina (HPM), "Bridging the Gap between Maternal Health & Cardiovascular Disease in Allegheny County: A Lean Approach to Interprofessional Care"

Lewis, Alexandra (BCHS), "Acute Pain Management in Outpatient Gynecological Procedures: A Scoping Review"

Liang, Hai-Wei (EPIDEM), "A pathway approach in human pregnancy to quantify the effects of phthalates on fetal health outcomes mediated by placental function"

Liang, Qianqian (HUGEN), "Computational approaches for characterization and prioritization of human genetic variants”

Liang, Tianyuzhou (BIOST), "Potential collider bias in GTEx data analysis"

Limbu, Prashanti (EPIDEM), "Evaluating the association between socio-demographic variables and place of delivery in Nepal: A Review of the Literature"

Lipinski, Abby (IDM), “Survival of Influenza Virus in the Environment”

Lipinski, Emma (HUGEN), "RNA Sequencing Analysis to Discover Differentially Expressed Open Reading Frames in Multicellular vs. Unicellular S. Cerevisiae"

Lohman, Noah (HPM), "Enhancing Pain Management Access through Marketing, Physician Alignment, and Patient Transition Strategies"

Mahesh, Deepika (IDM), "The role of Nef in HIV-induced impairment of DC-NK Cell Crosstalk"

Markus, Emma Austen (BCHS), “Safe Consumption Sites: Barriers and Facilitators to Providing Effective Harm Reduction Interventions for People Who Use Drugs”

Maxwell, Carolyn (HUGEN), "Clinical Utility of Pharmacogenomics in Hospice Care Patients through the Lens of the Quadruple Aims of Healthcare"

Mayrer, Bridget (BIOST), "Path Analysis of CNS Biomarkers in Nonneurological Organ Dysfunction and Glasgow Outcome Scale-Extended in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries"

McCaffrey, Nicole (BCHS), "Online health communities, education, and empowerment for people living with systemic lupus erythematosus"

McPherson, Alex (IDM), Exploring the impact of probiotics and tumor-resident commensal bacteria on cancer”

Medepalli, Lakshmi (IDM), "Exploring Environmental Factors in Neurosurgical Operating Room to Mitigate Surgical Site Infections: An Observational Study"

Meer, Saad (HPM), "Improving Quality of Care Through Investments in Employee Education and Development"

Megherhi, Sabreen (BCHS), "The Impact of Food Insecurity: A Needs Assessment for the Wilkinsburg Community Ministry”

Mellin, Marina (HPM), "Driving Access: The Imperative for Hospitals to Invest in Patient Transportation"

Mitchell, Olivia (EPIDEM), "Review of Literature on Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections in Catheter-Dependent Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis"

Mlodgenski, Paul (EPIDEM), "Quantifying Demographic Disparities of Red Tide Exposure and Complications in Sarasota and Manatee Counties: A Pilot Study"

Montgomery, Anna (IDM), “The Impact of a Therapeutic HIV-1 Vaccine on HIV-1 Proviral DNA and RNA Transcription in a Phase I Clinical Trial”

Morawski, Caroline (EPIDEM), “Reviewing the State of Data and Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) for Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs) before, during, and after the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Moshgat, Nicholas (HUGEN), "Investigating Genetic Admixture and Sarcopenic Change: An Analysis of Physical Function Phenotypes in Afro-Caribbean Men"

Mullen, Alexandra (IDM), "Elucidating the Mechanistic Role of ADAM17 in IL-18 Induced “Memory-Like” Natural Killer Cell Differentiation and Helper Function"

Myers, Madison (HPM), "Data Privacy Laws in the United States and Germany: Implications for Genomics Research and Personalized Medicine"

Nelson, Molly (IDM), "Exploring macrophage phenotypic and functional diversity in granulomas from Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected macaques"

Nieminen, Lydia (IDM), "Quality Improvement of Neurosurgical & Orthopedic Instrument Sterilization Workflows: Closing the Performance Gap to Reduce the Risk of Bioburden & Surgical Site Infections in an Academic Medical Center"

Nilsen, Conrad (HUGEN), "Insurance Coverage for Genetic Testing in Puerto Rico: Analysis of Benefits"

Noska, Glenna (HUGEN), "Exploring genetic counselors’ perspectives in assessing mental health and suicide risk in the pediatric setting"

Novak, Katherine (HUGEN), "Clinical Implications of Integrating Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) at the Residential Level of Eating Disorder Care for Adults with PTSD"

O'Brien, Ireland (IDM), "Opioid Use and the Gut-Brain Axis: A Literature Review"

Odusanya, Naomi (BCHS), "She Will Thrive: Single Mothers Nonprofit Program Development"

Oliver, Dominika (BIOST), "Modeling Community and Genomic Factors of HIV Susceptibility in the All of Us Research Program”

Opfer, Sydney (HUGEN), "Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Their Influence on Epigenetic Regulation and Embryonic Development"

Paine, Lauren (HPM), "An Examination of SEP-1: the Effectiveness of the Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Management Bundle Measure"

Palko, Alyce (BCHS), "A Community Outreach and Program Evaluation of the Center for Population Health and Cambria-Somerset COVID-19 Task Force"

Panny, Benjamin (BIOST), "Continuous Time Structural Equation Modelling of Patient-Reported Fatigue and Fitbit-Recorded Steps with Missing Data During Chemotherapy"

Parker, KiKi (HPM), "Enhancing the Outpatient Staff Experience at UPMC Department of Medicine"

Patel, Japan (BIOST), "Statistical modeling of Epstein-Barr virus infection using scRNA-Seq host expression"

Pathri, Neelima (IDM), "Enhancement of Specialized Clinical Services for Sexually Transmitted Infections"

Peitzman, Jonathan (BCHS)

Perkins, Jordan (HPM), "Shortcomings in Behavioral Health Services: A Comparative Case Study for Western Pennsylvania”

Peterson, Madeline (BIOST), "CART Modeling"

Picone, Celeste (BIOST), “Utilization of Basic Demographic Data and Area-Level Data in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Stage Classification”

Pierce, Erica (HPM), "The Impact of Maternal Care Deserts on Racial Disparities in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy"

Polynice, Vania (EOH), "Toxicity of mercury and hydroquinone in skin lightening products: popular practice in non-white communities"

Portela, Gerard (EPIDEM), "Optimizing comparative effectiveness evidence from transfusion medicine trials: informing clinical practice and study designs"

Porter, James (MULTI), "The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Emergency Department"

Puri, Shikha (IDM), "Predicting the Impact and Trends Of Sars-Cov-2 On The Respiratory Viral Season In Pittsburgh Using an Interpretable Machine Learning Model: A Quality Improvement (Qi) Retrospective Study”

Pyle, Joan (HPM), "Bias Against Black Women: A Comprehensive Review of the Effects of Bias Within the Healthcare Setting”

Qi, Meiyuzhen (EPIDEM), "Identifying Novel Cardiovascular Biomarkers for Cognitive Decline across the Menopause Transition”

Qiao, Chuhan (IDM), "Recommendations on Public Health Strategies for Sexually Transmitted Diseases in China"

Qin, Yidi (HUGEN), "Deriving Biological Meaning and Clinical Application for Pediatric Sepsis with Data-driven Analysis"

Rabin, Megan (BCHS), "Assessing the Feasibility of a Social Media Intervention for Nepali Menstruators"

Rajanikanth, Gopika (HUGEN), "Perspectives Surrounding Prenatal and Preconception Genetic Counseling for People with Cystic Fibrosis Considering Parenthood"

Re'em, Hadar (BCHS)

Reynolds, Karmen (HUGEN), “Evaluating pediatric provider attitudes and perceptions regarding the diagnosis and management of familial hypercholesterolemia”

Riedmann, Carly (BCHS), "Adverse Childhood Experiences Influencing Cardiovascular Disease Rates in Adulthood: A Narrative Literature Review"

Roberts, Jimmie (EPIDEM), "Identifying Risk Factors of Fall Risk Increasing Drug Use and Fall and Fall Injury Risk in Racially and Ethnically Diverse Adults Over 50"

Rodriguez, Veronica (BCHS), "Trends of lifestyle behaviors considered cancer risk factors among PLWH in Puerto Rico between 2015 and 2021"

Roe, Lauren (EPIDEM), "Associations of 24-Hour Activity Composition in Evaluating the Public Health Burden of Fall and Fracture Risk in Older Adults"

Roscher, Jennifer (IDM)

Rosenberg, Samantha (BCHS), "'Evidence-Based Strategies to Increase Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Clinical Trials of Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Dementias (ADRD)"

Ross, Mary (EPIDEM), "Understanding the Relationship between Sleep Duration and Blood Pressure Based on Differing Neighborhood Condition Perceptions in Black Postpartum Individuals"

Roy, Elizabeth (HUGEN), "Equity in Insurance Coverage of Fertility Services for People with Sickle Cell Disease"

Rubio, Sandy (HUGEN), "Investigating Lmnb1 Gene Expression in PNS Tissue of Lmnb1-del-19 Mice"

Sahasrabudhe, Isha (BIOST), "scRNA sequencing in neuroHIV"

Sami, Minahil (MULTI), "Evaluation of a Caries Education Program in A Trauma Affected Community"

Sawicki, Kennedy (HUGEN), "Public Health Genetics ProfessionalsΓÇÖ Knowledge of and Perceived Barriers to Implementing Trauma-Informed Care in Newborn Screening"

Schaeffer, Amanda (EPIDEM), "Pre-exposure Prophylaxis – Examining Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Efficacy Among Immunocompromised Populations"

Schmidt, Leigh Anne (BCHS), "Evaluation Report for Christopher's Kitchen"

Schoonover, Nicholas (HPM), "Improving Access and Patient Satisfaction Within Pediatric Specialty Care Services"

Schorr, Kelsey (HPM), "Medicaid Family Planning Programs and Contraceptive Autonomy: A Comparative Analysis of Four U.S. States"

Schuyler, Alexander (EOH), "The Impact of Institutional Racism on the Environment and Asthma/Allergy-Related Outcomes in Adults"

Scott, Jonathan (HUGEN), "BH4 Deficiency and Treatment-Refractory Depression: Unraveling the Molecular Landscape and Exploring Therapeutic Strategies for Neurotransmitter Dysfunction"

Sefcik, Caroline (BCHS), "Centering Transgender Voices in Programs and Spaces Addressing Homelessness: A Critical Literature Synthesis"

Senthilkumar, Shreyaa (IDM), "Investigating the role of Nef in HIV infection-induced dysregulation of innate immune cell function"

SHAH, NATASHA (HPM), "Improving the Patient Experience Through Operations at UPMC Shadyside"

Sheng, Nan (HUGEN)

Sherman, Julia (EPIDEM), "Improving Hand Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment Compliance in a VA Hospital Setting through Improved Data Collection and Mandatory Staff Education to Prevent Pathogen Transmission for  Patients under Transmission-Based Precautions"

Singh, David (HPM), "Creating Analytical Tools to Improve Clinical Operations"

Singh, Shubhnita (HUGEN), "Exploring the Influence of Progranulin on Vascular Contractility and Mitochondrial Homeostasis”

Slade, Ebonie (BCHS), "Harm Reduction Program: Minimizing How Non-resident Status on Black Fathers Exacerbates Adverse Social Outcomes Exhibited by Their Biological Children"

Slizewska, Gabriela (HUGEN), "Hypermobile Patient Experiences with Negative Genetic Testing Results"

Snook, Sarah (EPIDEM), "Examining the Impacts of Community Violence on Mental Health Symptomology and Prevalence Among Black Youth in Pittsburgh"

Soder, Victoria (HPM), “Enhancing Global Legal Preparedness to Reflect a Post-COVID World”

Song, Min (HPM), "Virtually Defenseless in a Digital Era: The Necessary Revisions HIPAA Must Adopt in the Twenty-First Century"

Sotaa, Bhavini (EPIDEM), "Falls and Social Vulnerability Index: Comparing rates for older adults in Allegheny County, PA”

Spencer, Noelle (BCHS), "Exploring the Current States and Emerging Priorities of the Menstrual Equity and Period Poverty Movements"

Spencer, Zachary (EPIDEM), "Comparing Order and Fluidity of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Membranes Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations: An Epidemiologic Approach"

Staup, Tyler (EPIDEM), "Use of Electronic Health Record Data to Produce Estimates of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness"

Stenholm, Zoe (MULTI), "Periodontal Education Program in a Trauma Affected Community"

Su, Tom Wen-Han (IDM), "The Epidemiological and Clinical Characteristics of Infection-Related Falls in Older Adults: A Review of Literature"

Sumetsky, Natalie (EPIDEM), "Alcohol-attributable mortality from before to during the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic"

Sun, Michelle (BIOST), "Age-related changes in human circadian rhythms"

Sunny, Persis (IDM), "The Lessons Learned from An Active Tuberculosis Genotyping Cluster Investigation in Allegheny County"

Swanson, Drew (EOH), "An Overview and Assessment of Waterborne Cyclosporiasis in the United States"

Sweet, Sheridan (IDM), "Identifying Barriers to Care for Criminal Legal Involved Young Adults Living with HIV and Substance Use Disorder"

Tan, Xiaoqing Ellen (BIOST), "Causal Inference under Data Restrictions"

Teredesai, Shreya (IDM), "Evaluating ferrets as a novel small animal model of aerosol exposure to encephalitic alphaviruses”

Terrill, Rebecca (HUGEN), "Readability and Suitability of State Newborn Screening Websites"

Thomas, JaQueznic (BCHS) 

Thornton, Jesse (BCHS), "Pittsburgh City Theatre Young Playwrights Festival: 2022-23 Evaluation"

To, Leann (HUGEN), "Landscape Analysis of Affinity Groups, Mentoring and Pipeline Programs for Underrepresented Student Identities in Healthcare Professions"

Truong, Oanh (MULTI), "Holistic Review in Family Medicine Residency Programs"

Tukuru, Sade (EPIDEM), "Exploring the Cross-Sectional Association between Metropolitan Residence and Preterm Birth in Black individuals Using the National Survey of Family Growth"

Udiaver, Aparna (HUGEN), "International assessment of Lynch syndrome screening practices"

Venkatsubramanian, Shreya (IDM), "Using In-Vitro Granulomas to identify Type 1 and Type 3 Interferons in granuloma formation and antimicrobial activity"

Waldow, Grace (HUGEN), "Further Investigation of the First Tier Status of Fragile X Genetic Testing for Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Diagnostic Yield and a Comprehensive Chart Review"

Wallace, Kathryn (HPM), “Decreasing Lost Revenue in a Hospital Based Clinic"

Wallendal, Caroline (HUGEN), "Challenges and Health Disparities in Pediatric Clinical Research"

Weise, Nicole (HUGEN), "Prenatal Genetic Counselors’ Perceptions of their Disability Training and Preparedness for Addressing Disability in Practice: A Thematic Analysis"

Welsh, Olivia (IDM), "Defining interactions between reovirus and NgR1: How reovirus engages a neuronal receptor"

White, Carter (HUGEN), "Estimating the Prevalence of HHT Using Variant Effect Predictions"

Williams, Elise (HUGEN), "Cancer Predisposition Program Genetic Testing: Analysis of Genetic Testing Outcomes and Procedures"

Wilson, Shae (HPM), "Examining Policy Implementations to Improve Medicaid Redeterminations During the Public Health Emergency Unwinding and Beyond"

Wolynn, Riley (BCHS), "Analyzing Patient Safety Discussions in a Public Facebook Group Community"

Wright, Harriet (IDM), "Contact Tracing and Partner Notification Services in the Digital Era: a Literature Review"

Wu, Fan (EOH), "Association Between Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Environmental Exposures: A Case-

Xu, Ruixue (HPM), "Optimizing Patient Outcomes in Diabetes through Pharmacy and Population Health Strategies: A Comprehensive Review of Medication Adherence and Patient Education in UPMC Health Plan"

Xue, Xiangning (BIOST), "Statistical Methods for Circadian Analysis on Omics Data"

Yao, Joanna (EPIDEM), "Assessment of Colorectal Cancer Screening and Surveillance Methods: A Literature Review and Pilot Data Analysis"

Yeager, Emily (EPIDEM), "The Association Between Everyday Discrimination and Sense of Purpose in Life in Midlife”

Zhou, Jerry (BIOST), "Impact of COVID-19 on Adverse Outcomes for Congestive Heart Failure Inpatients in the Northeast Mid-Atlantic Using NIS 2020 Database"

Zhou, Xueping (BIOST), "Biological Network Guided Variable Selection and Outcome Prediction for High-Dimensional Multi-Omics Data"

Zieber, Megan (HUGEN), "Analyzing Accessibility and Suitability of Online Krabbe Disease Resources"

Zieber, Megan (HUGEN), "Radon Exposure Levels in Pennsylvania: An Investigation of the Effects of Social Determinants on Health Disparities”

Zogu, Sarah (HPM), "Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing and the Legalities, Ethical, and Current Issues"