Graduate Research Topics

Essay, Thesis, and Dissertation Titles from 2021-22 Graduates

Abror, Grace (IDM), "The Association of Sexual Behavior and Inflammatory Response with Increased Susceptibility to HIV-1 Infection in MSM"

Adambekov, Shalkar (EPIDEM), "Novel Approches to Diagnostics for Women at High Risk for Endometrial Cancer: A Holistic Approach"

Adams, Brian (BCHS), "Exploring Intimate Partner Violence and Its Associations with Minority Stress and Depression among YMSM Dyads"

Adams, Peter (HPM), "Identification and Vetting of Ground Ambulance Providers to Support Air Medical Operations at STAT MedEvac"

Alam, Faryaal (HPM), "The Utilization of Digital Technology and Electronic Health Platforms to Alleviate Postpartum Depression in Medically Underserved Areas"

Alameida, Alana (EPIDEM), "Effects of Marijuana Legalization Policies on Fatal Car Accidents Throughout the Fifty States"

Allawos, Kestrel (HUGEN), "Impact of Social Deprivation Index on Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes"

Alobireed, Abdulrahman (EOH), "Global Water Desalination: A Comparison Between Saudi Arabia and The United States of America"

Alsahlani, Hazem (HPM), "Lowering Medicare Age to 60: A Comparative Analysis"

Amadeo, Arturo (HPM), "Driving Sleep and Respiratory Growth Through Inclusivity"

Amah Mbah, Chino (BCHS), "The Effects of Growing Up in a Nigerian Household Among Nigerian-born Adults living in the United States"

Amendola, Alyssa (BCHS), "Violence in Times of Peace: How Trauma Perpetuates Family Violence in Post-Conflict Environments"

Anderko, Renee (IDM), "NK Cell Memory in Chronic HIV-1 Infection"

Anderson, Kevin (HUGEN), "Inclusion of 48 Pacific Islanders within a Cosmopolitan Reference Panel is Sufficient for High Accuracy Genotype Imputation of Samoans"

Anguiano, Teresa (EOH), "The Role of Extracellular Matrix Communication in Arsenic-Impaired Skeletal Muscle Stem Cell Determination"

Anneling, Mariele (HUGEN), "Comparison of Video Education and Traditional Genetic Counseling for Pancreatic Cancer: Assessment of Patient Satisfaction and Knowledge"

Antypas, Raymond (MULTI), "Abstract Pandemic Preparedness: A Literature Review Assessing Mass Vaccination Efforts and COVID-19’s impact on them"

Appell, Katherine (HPM), "The Role of Medicaid Managed Care in Increasing Permanent Supportive Housing Programs to Address Homelessness"

Arden, Megan (IDM), “Strategies for Engaging Community Health Workers to Reduce Malaria Mortality in Children Under Five in Rural Togo”

Arthur, Emily (EPIDEM), "The Impact of Stigmatization on those with Sickle Cell Disease in the United States and West Africa: A Literature Review"

Austin, Mychaela (HUGEN), "Exploring Cascade Screening for Familial Hypercholesterolemia"

Awan, Nabil (BIOST), "Association of early chronic systemic inflammation with depression at 12 months post­traumatic brain injury and a comparison of prediction models"

Babu, Varshini (EPIDEM), "Blood Biomarkers of Pulmonary Hypertension in Sickle Cell Disease: A Cross-Sectional Proof-of-Concept Study"

Bai, Heng (EOH), "Associations of Arsenic Exposure, Arsenic Metabolism, and Cadmium Exposure with Body Composition: Evidence from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis"

Balascio, Phoebe (EPIDEM), "Racial differences in college students’ knowledge, self-efficacy, and use of sexual violence services: a cross-sectional analysis"

Balchak, Deidra (EPIDEM), "Implementation of Risk Based Monitoring in SCD-CARRE and a Review of Current Practices"

Bartel, William (MULTI), "Emergency Department Usage in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy"

Bayer, Samantha (EPIDEM), “The Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on Childhood Cancer”

Beall, Darien (EPIDEM), "Overdose Surveillance: Death Narratives during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Allegheny County"

Beard, Imani (HUGEN), "Can interpersonal relationships and social support systems modulate our stress response? Implications for Child Maltreatment Interventions"

Belz, Carly (EPIDEM), "First Responder Harm Reduction and Overdose Prevention Training: A Review of the Literature"

Benford Miller, Miranda (EPIDEM), "Addressing Viral Hepatitis and HIV Outbreaks Among Persons Who Inject Drugs in Allegheny County: A Community Response Plan Proposal"

Benítez Moreno, Mariana (IDM), "CG Dinuelotide Codon Optimization Improves Reporter Gene Expression of HIV-I Reporter Viruses in Humanized Mice"

Betts, Stephanie (HUGEN), “Physician Knowledge and Confidence Regarding Newborn Screening for Spinal Muscular

Bigelow, Sarah (BCHS), "Understanding the Association Between Child Development Screening Results and Race and Nativity Among Early Head Start Enrollees in Allegheny County"

Binion, Savannah (HUGEN), "Impact of a pre-counseling educational video on the duration of cancer genetic counseling sessions"

Biradar, Shivkumar (IDM), "Elucidating the Roles of αβ and γδ T Cells in HIV Infection"

Bitzer, Hannah (BCHS), "An Examination of Providers' Awareness, Knowledge of Screening and Treatment, and Perceived Barriers Associated with Intimate Partner Violence-related Traumatic Brain Injury"

Black, Danielle (HUGEN), "Assessment of referral patterns and genetic testing after implementation of Pediatric Cancer Predisposition Clinic"

Bloom, Alec (HPM), “Using Time-Driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC) to Examine Virtual Dialysis Rounding at Mayo Clinic”

Boggs, Emerson (IDM), "Cellular Localization of HIV-1 Capsid-Binding Proteins"

Boley, Georgia (HUGEN), "Evaluating The Current Diagnostic Criteria for Phelan-McDermid Syndrome: Psychiatric Comorbidities"

Borrelli, Lauren (HPM), "An Investigation of Sane Programs For Care of Sexual Violence Survivors"

Bowling, Jennifer (IDM), "Uncovering correlates of protection of attenuated Francisella tularensis vaccines"

Brady, Kailey (EOH), "The Mismanagement of Harmful Algal Blooms: Freshwater and Public Water Systems"

Brady, Mya (EPIDEM), "Transmission Visualizations of Healthcare Infection Clusters: A Pilot Scoping Review"

Brahmamdam, Vaishnavi (HUGEN), "Lung Cancer in Never-Smoking Women"

Brassil, Bridget (EPIDEM), "Demographics and mitigation efforts associated with the county-level impact of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania"

Briskin, Justin (HPM), "The Future of the Healthcare Industry: How Information, Technology, and Consumerism will Pave the Way"

Britton, Rachel (EPIDEM), "The Respiratory Mycobiome in Critical Illness"

Bronson, Rhianna (IDM), "The Impact of HIV-1 Infection on NK Cell Phenotypes and Non-classical ‘Helper’ Functions"

Brown, Hannah (BCHS), "The Effects of Historical Trauma on Mental Health Among Indigenous Communities"

Bullock, Jordan (HPM), "An Evaluation of School-based Suicide Prevention Services for Adolescents"

Burgut, Ozge (BCHS), "Correctional Facilities in State of Indiana and Prevention of Drug Overdoses/Deaths: Policy and Advocacy"

Butler, Sharlay (IDM), "Integration of Oral HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis into Ambulatory Reproductive Care for Cisgender Women: A Scoping Review and Development of an Evidence-Based Implementation Strategy"

Camber, Elizabeth (BCHS), "An Evaluation of Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh"

Campbell, Julie (IDM), "Associations Between Vascular Access Device Complications and Bloodstream Infections: An 18-Month Review at a Large Academic Hospital"

Cao, Shuo (EOH), "Dysregulation of Pulmonary Surfactant Protein Induced by Arsenic in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Chemotherapy"

Cao, Simon (EPIDEM), "Effects of Smoking and Drinking on Oropharyngeal Cancer Outcome by HPV Serostatus: A Prospective Cohort Study"

Capps, Chandler (BIOST), “A Functional Data Analysis of Accelerometer-Based Activity”

Carcana Barbosa, Coralys (HUGEN), "Status of Genetic Services in Puerto Rico: A Qualitative Analysis"

Cargill, Christina (IDM), "Overcoming Self-Reactivity in Type 1 Diabetes via Modulation of Immune Cell Metabolism"

Cartus, Abigail (EPIDEM), "Severe Maternal Morbidity: Screening and Long-Term Consequences"

Castronova, Isabella (IDM), "Preventing CLABSI: Experimental Interventions and Diagnostic/Antimicrobial Stewardship in Solid Organ Transplant Patients”

Chamberlin, Brittany (BCHS), "Community Ally Composition as an Indicator of Anti-Bias Policing Reform Readiness: A Stakeholder Analysis"

Charfauros, Andrew-Jerome (HUGEN), "Evaluation of Lupus Risk Variants for Their Potential Cis-Regulatory Effects on Long Non-coding RNA (LncRNA) Expression"

Chen, Chenyi (BIOST), "Association between Serum Biomarkers and Patient-Reported Outcome of Disability in Multiple Sclerosis"

Chen, Jingheng (HUGEN), "Evaluation of Population-Based Genomic Screening Programs in an Integrated Health System Utilizing the RE-AIM Framework"

Chen, Nemin (EPIDEM), "The Role of Central Nervous System in Complex Walking Among Older Adults"

Chenqi, Aoxue (HUGEN), "Analysis of the Genetic Variants Associated with Fabry Disease"

Chiyka, Elizabeth (HUGEN), "Phasing population isolate participants with a cosmopolitan haplotype reference panel might bias genotype imputation"

Christman, Anna (EPIDEM), "The Impact of COVID-19 on Harm Reduction Services in the United States: A Scoping Review"

Chtourou, Amina (EPIDEM), "Invasive Bacterial Infection Hospitalizations Associated with Injection Drug Use in Allegheny County, PA, 2016-2020"

Cianci, Nolan (HPM), "Operational Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic at Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh, PA)"

Clauss, Elisabeth (HPM), "Food Insecurity in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: A Case Study of the Lawrenceville Farmers Market"

Clemons, Arvon (BIOST), "Analysis of VRE Transmission In A Major Hospital Setting Using Hierarchical Clustering and Bayesian Phylodynamic Methods"

Commodore, Benjamin (HPM), "Medication Reconciliation: An Process to Curb Adverse Drug Events"

Conzuelo-Rodriguez, Gabriel (EPIDEM), "Informing Low-Dose Aspirin in Gestation and Reproduction Through Novel Methods in Causal Inference"

Cordova-Hoyos, Okxana (IDM), “Correlations in COVID-19 Vaccination Rates and Political Leaning in Pennsylvania"

Crisan, Emily (BCHS), "Expansion of Mobile Health Services for the Allegheny County Latino Population"

Croke, Elizabeth (BCHS), "Examination of the Effectiveness of Web-based Interventions that have been Developed for Informal Caregivers of People with Dementia: an Umbrella Review"

Cuff, Deirdre (IDM), "Elucidating SARS-CoV-2 Humoral and Cell-mediated Immune Dynamics: a Framework for Covid-19 Vaccine Recommendations"

Curry, Annette (IDM), "Allegheny County Health Department: Vector Control Program Summary and Community Outreach & Education Plan"

Czajkowski, Kristen (HPM), "An Analysis of the Physician Faculty Compensation Model in a Large U.S. Academic Health”

Czekalski, Megan (HUGEN), “Mainstreaming Genetic Testing for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer by Oncology Providers: A Survey of Current Practice”

Damazo, Isabel (EPIDEM), "Animal Bite and Rabies Surveillance in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania from 2013 to 2020: Trends and lessons learned"

D'Annibale, Olivia (HUGEN), “Molecular Characterization and Therapy of Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiencies”

D'Aquila, Kristen (HUGEN), "Assessment of Factors Associated with the Evaluation of Children for Leukemia Predisposition Syndromes"

De Ferrari, Rosa (BCHS), "Menstrual Practices of Nepali-Bhutanese Female Refugees in Pittsburgh"

Deans, Samantha (MULTI), “Reproductive Decision Support Tool for Women with Substance Use Disorders: Development of a Pilot Study”

DeGenova, Emily (HPM), "LEANForward: Using Culture Change as a Strategy"

DeHaven, Wesley (EPIDEM), "Association of Air Pollution and Neurodegeneration Biomarkers"

Derba, Chloe (HPM), "The Effects and Implications of Release Policies in Allegheny County Jail During the COVID-19”

Devaraj, Susan (EPIDEM), "The impact of modifiable lifestyle factors among individuals at high risk for cardiovascular disease due to prediabetes, the metabolic syndrome, or type 1 diabetes"

Diaz, Mabeth (HPM), "Platform Integration and Quantitative Analysis in Healthcare"

Dib, Basma (EPIDEM), "Probabilistic data linkage: generating a reproductive histories dataset from states’ vital records data"

Dignan, Allison (HUGEN), "Analysis of Factors Influencing Facebook Engagement for New York Mid Atlantic Caribbean Regional Genetics Network"

Dikec, Devin (HUGEN), "Impact of Inclusion of Custom Markers on Genotype Imputation Accuracy in a Population Isolate"

Ding, Tianyu (BIOST), "Advances in Statistical and Machine Learning Methods for Image Data, with Application to Alzheimer's Disease"

Dioguardi, Jasmine (HUGEN), "Detecting Remission in Ulcerative Colitis Patients: Finding A Universal Definition"

DiSanto, James (BIOST), "Treelet Dimension Reduction of Diagnoses Among Intensive Care Unit Admissions"

Director, Haley (HUGEN), "Race- and ethnicity-based coverage gaps for genetic testing for cancer in the Greater Pittsburgh region"

Donnelly, Julia (BCHS), "Rethinking Reentry: a look at how risk-based approaches limit reentry success, and a case for why strengths-based approaches may better reduce recidivism"

Doreswamy, Kruthika (EPIDEM), “Relationship Between Paternal Characteristics and Spontaneous Abortion"

Dos Reis, Roberta (IDM), "Understanding HIV-1-Nerro Pathogenesis Using 3D Brain Organoids: Role of Host and Viral Factors in Neuronal Dysregulation"

Duespohl, Matthew (IDM), "Investigating Complement Activation in a Cohort of Severely Ill COVID-19 Patients"

Duncan, Carly (BCHS), "Burnout in Graduate Students"

Duquette, Jennie (HPM), "Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Early Stage Cervical Cancer Diagnoses in Pennsylvania: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis"

Dzimira, Paula (EPIDEM), "Viral Hepatitis Services and Providers in Pennsylvania: A Preliminary Survey"

Eggles, Kristen (IDM), "Understanding the Impact of Alcohol Use Disorder in Russian Federation's Tuberculosis Patients"

Elliott, Kimberley (BCHS), "Mandatory Mental Health Education in Four States: What Should Pennsylvania Do?"

Eom, Kirsten (HPM), "Reducing Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Screening among Low-Income Non-Elderly Adults in the United States”

Evans, Daniel (IDM), "Genomic Epidemiology of Horizontal Plasmid Transfer Among Healthcare-Associated Bacterial Pathogens in a Tertiary Hospital"

Fan, Erica (EPIDEM), "Cumulative stress burden and cognitive function in African American adults living in low­income neighborhoods"

Farah, Nicole (MULTI), "Medication inventory optimization and oral solution workflow implementation and integration        into pharmacy inventory management system"

Farooq, Fouzia (EPIDEM), "Impact of Preconception Cardiometabolic and Thyroid Dysfunction on Preterm Birth"

Farsijani, Samaneh (EPIDEM), "Transition to a more even distribution of daily protein intake is associated with enhanced fat loss during a hypocaloric & physical activity intervention in obese older adults"

Feng, Vivian (EPIDEM), "Associations Between Operational Characteristics and COVID-19 Outbreaks in Skilled Nursing Facilities —Allegheny County, PA, 2020"

Ferguson, Kortni (BCHS), "Maternal Perspectives Toward Parent-Child Communication on Healthy Relationships, Sex, and Dating Violence"

Fogelman, Lauren (IDM), "Assessing the Impact of Seasonal Factors on HIV Care in the Homeless Population of Pittsburgh"

Frederic, Wendeline (BCHS), “The Implications of Housing Instability for Renters during the Pandemic and the Legislative Responses"

Friday, Kelly (HPM), "Hydraulic Fracturing in Pennsylvania: A Policy Analysis"

Fu, Zhuxuan (BIOST), "A prognostic model of immunohistochemistry biomarkers for high-grade serous ovarian cancer"

Fu, Zhuxuan (EPIDEM), "Identifying opportunities for improving epithelial ovarian cancer survival using novel approaches for exploring the role of ovulation and hormone-related conditions"

Gagnon, Kelly (BCHS), "An Implementation Science Study About Sexual History Screening and Dissemination of PrEP within a Multi-site Federally Qualified Health Center"

Gaietto, Kristina (MULTI), "Child maltreatment and asthma"

Galley, Fiona (EPIDEM), "Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Occupational Training Abilities: An Exploratory Studies"

Ganjoo, Umeka (HPM), “A Case Study: Diabetes Interventions and Self-Care Opportunities (DISCO) for Supporting Diabetes Management Needs in Predominantly Black Communities”

Gao, Shiyao (EPIDEM), "Effects of Inpatient Rehabilitation on Long-Term Motor, Neuropsychological, and Functional Outcomes in Children with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury"

Gao, Xiaotian (BIOST), "Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data, and Robust Nonparametric Regression"

Gerow, Julia (HUGEN), "Designing a Web-Based, Participatory Education Program on Clinical Applications of Whole Genome Sequencing Utilizing Lessons Learned from Previous Participatory Genomics Courses"

Ge, Tengziyi (EOH), “Inorganic Arsenic and Respiratory Health: An Update of a Systematic Review”

George, Lisa (BCHS), "Neighborhood Deprivation as a Measure of Social Need and Healthcare Utilization: A Review of the Literature"

Gerow, Julia (HUGEN), "Designing a Web-Based, Participatory Education Program on Clinical Applications of Whole Genome Sequencing Utilizing Lessons Learned from Previous Participatory Genomics Courses"

Gibbs, Lauren (EPIDEM), "Understanding the Association between Ideal Cardiovascular Health Metrics (American Heart Association’s Life Simple 7) and Subclinical Carotid Atherosclerosis in Midlife Women"

Godiwala, Ayesha (EPIDEM), "Hysterectomy Pathways: Systemic long-term impact on the reduction of open hysterectomy rates"

Gold, Nathan (HPM), "Improving Ambulatory Patient Experience at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh: More Than “Just the Right Thing""

Gooden, Rhajni (HPM), "The Impact of Telemedicine on the Future of Patient Experience"

Gosky, Michael (HUGEN), "Assessment of Online Educational Materials Regarding ADLD"

Gould, Victoria (IDM), "Glycolytic Metabolism of Macrophages Differs by Spatial Location and Subset in Tuberculous Granulomas"

Govil, Praneeta (HPM), "Fake It Till You Make It: How the FDA Can Address the Proliferation of Counterfeit Cosmetics"

Grant, Nicole (IDM), "Defining the temporal and immunological dynamics of adaptive T cell responses in tuberculosis granulomas"

Graves, Jessica (EPIDEM), "Identifying Patterns of Free-Living Physical Activity that are Related to Perceived Physical Fatigability"

Green, Cameron (IDM), "A Review of Literature Measuring Years of Life Lost Due to COVID-19: The Search for Comorbidity Inclusion"

Guhl, Emily (EPIDEM), "Impact of Social Factors on Racial Differences in Cardiac Rehabilitation Participation"

Guo, Anni (BIOST), "Predicting Outcomes in Lost-to-follow-up Subjects from a 15-year Observational Study of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease"

Gutterman, Lauren (HPM), "An Exploration of the Baby Boomer Crisis"

Haddad, Grace (BCHS), "The Impact of Social Media on Body Dysmorphia in Adolescents"

Haldeman, Shannon (HPM), "Stop the Bleed Education Implementation in Allegheny County High Schools"

Haley, Marsha (HPM), "Patient Satisfaction/Patient Experience, Patient-Reported Outcomes, and Healthcare Quality: Are We Focusing on the Wrong Metrics?"

Hames, Erik (HPM), "Long-Term Modernization of Medicaid Redeterminations of Eligibility: An Analysis of State and Federal Public Policy Solutions"

Harmony, Tara (HUGEN), "Assessing the relationship between social deprivation and DNA methylation in a traumatic brain injury cohort"

Harper, Jordan (HUGEN), "Genome-Wide Association Study of Dementia in a Community-Based Sample of Older Adults"

Harris, Rebekah (EPIDEM), "Examining the Association of Chronic Health Conditions and Adverse Health Outcomes: Knee OA and Recurrent Falls Knee OA and Mobility Limitations Sarcopenia and Fractures"

Hartos, Stephanie (BCHS), "Early Screening for Perinatal Depression in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"

Harvey, Tucker (BIOST), "Modeling Patient Outcome After Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy Using Covariates Measured with Error"

Hassett, Elizabeth (HPM), "An Assessment of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Community Partnerships to Address Mental Health and Racial Disparities in Police Violence Across the United States"

Heller, Julia (BCHS), "Sí Se Puede Con Diabetes Aplicación Móvil Program Proposal"

Henderson, Emmett (BCHS), "Enacted Sexual Minority Stigma, Social Support, and Cognitive Function Among Midlife and Older Men Who Have Sex with Men from the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study"

Henderson, Monica (BCHS), "U.S. Black Hair Politics: A Public Health Concern for Black Women and Girls"

Hershberger, Gretchen (BCHS), "Assessment of Patient Navigation Efforts for Breast Cancer in the United States: A Scoping Review of the Literature"

Hill, Brandy (EOH), "Air Pollution and Asthma Outcomes: Using an asthma registry and electronic medical records to compose environmental health studies"

Hinerman, Amanda (EPIDEM), "The Impact of Roux-en-Y gastric Bypass on Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease"

Hirsch, Malena (HPM), "Technology in Healthcare: How the Integration of New Technologies will Advance Healthcare Delivery and Treatment Options for Musculoskeletal Health"

Hiryur, Kavya (EPIDEM), "An Agent-Based Computational Model of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy"

Hixson, Emily (IDM), “Exploration of HIV-specific Immune Responses Following Dipyridamole Treatment”

Hoang, Karen (MULTI), "Patient Preferences for Engagement in a Community Pharmacy-Based Diabetes Self-Management Education Program"

Hollander, Mara (HPM), "Expanding Coverage and Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Pennsylvania Medicaid"

Hollnagel, Kaylee (EPIDEM), "The Relationship Between Inflammatory Biomarkers and Diabetes Status in The Long Life Family Study"

Hosack, Emma (BCHS), "Interventions to Address the Social Determinants of Health in Primary Care Settings"

HouckHope, Michaela (BCHS), "Assessing Experiences of Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Expansive Individuals Seeking Family Planning Services"

Houston, Katherine (BCHS)

Hubbard, Zachary (EPIDEM), "High Mental Fatigability Moderates the Relationship Between Gait Speed and PFC Activation in Dual-Task Walking"

Huber, James (HPM), "Are Mobile Gate Sensors a Better Tool at Predicting Elder Falls in the ED Setting than the Current Screening Questionaire?"

Huckestein, Alyssa (HPM), "The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Effect on the Healthcare System: UPMC’s Response to a Shortage of Healthcare Workers"

Hudson, Shekinah (IDM), "The Epidemiology of COVID-19 Disease Progression at UPMC Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA: Effect of Risk Factors, Comorbidities, and Personal Characteristics on Severity and Prognosis"

Hull, Rachel (BCHS), "Locked In: Impact of Social Isolation and Loneliness on Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities"

Hunter, India (BCHS), "Creating an Equity Assessment Tool to Analyze Funding Resources for Black Women's Health"

Hurley, Kelly (IDM), "Maintaining the Genomic Integrity of Staphylococcus aureus in the Presence of Exogenously Induced DNA Damage"

Hutko, Savannah (EPIDEM), "Animal Bite and Rabies Surveillance in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 2019"

Isiguzo, Chinwoke (BCHS), "Psychosocial factors associated with racial disparities in breastfeeding"

Iyanna, Nidhi (EPIDEM), "Air Pollution Exposure and Autistic-like Behaviors in Childhood: The Cincinnati Combined Childhood Cohorts"

Jacko, Anastasia (HUGEN), "Public Health Genetics: How are We Preparing the Next Generation of Public Health Professionals?"

Jadhav, Shrutika (HUGEN), “Exploration of Trends in γH2AX from Various Demographics”

Jeffries, Leesa (MULTI), "Recall Interval and Caries in Patients Sedated for Preventative Care"

Jespersen, Alyssa (IDM), "Engineered Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides Differ in Their Ability to Limit in vitro Growth and Viability of Mycobacterium bovis BCG and Mycobacterium tuberculosis"

Ji, Lawrence (IDM), "The seroprevalence of HCoV-229E, HCoV-OC43, HCoV-NL63, and HCoV-HKU1 coronaviruses in children in Southwestern Pennsylvania and the associations between race, sex and age on seropositivity"

Jia, Yichen (BIOST), "New Model-based and Deep Learning Methods for Survival Data with or without Competing Risks"

Kai, Kia (HPM), “Supporting Changes in Ambulatory Nursing Through the Use of Exit and Stay Interviews”

Kalix, Elora (EPIDEM), "Factors Contributing to the Insufficient Understanding of how COVID-19 is Intertwined with Race and Ethnicity in the United States"

Kalu, Nnenna (HPM), "The Use of Health Technology in Emerging Markets: China Telemedicine Market Analysis"

Kanyuch, Jodi (HUGEN), "Relationship Between Pulmonary Airflow (FEV1) and Use of Menthol vs Non-Menthol Cigarettes in the COPDGene® Population"

Kasturiarachi, Courtney (HUGEN), "Investigating the effect of PCSK9 Variants on Plasma Lipid Profile in African Blacks and U.S. Whites"

Katz, Ryan (EPIDEM), "Association of Leukocyte Telomere Length and Genetic Biomarkers of Leukocyte Telomere Length with Perceived Physical and Mental Fatigability"

Keck, Taylor (IDM), "A SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak Investigation: Two Rehabilitation Units in a Pennsylvania Tertiary Care Facility"

Kennedy, Jason (BIOST), "Towards a Learning Health System: Using Reinforcement Learning to Optimize Treatment Decisions in Sepsis Patients"

Kettenburg, Gwenddolen (IDM), "Developing a Model of H5N1 Influenza Pathogenesis in Precision-Cut Human Lung Slices"

Khouja, Tumader (HPM), “Oral Health Epidemiology and Policy in Disadvantaged Populations"

Kinzler, Amy (IDM), "Human Adenovirus in Children with Acute Gastroenteritis in the New Vaccine Surveillance Network (NVSN)"

Kirby, Carolyn (HPM), "Who’s Supporting the Support?; An Analysis of Cancer Family Caregiver Burden and Potential Intervention Strategies"

Kiriza, Nelly (HUGEN), "A Comprehensive Review of Sickle Cell Disease Treatment and Research Centers in the United States and Their Implication on Healthcare Access"

Kirkpatrick Heimke, Kaitlin (HUGEN), "BDNF Methylation and Depression and Anxiety in Breast Cancer Patients"

Klousnitzer, Jessie (EPIDEM), "A Retrospective Review of COVID-19 Testing and Mitigation Strategies at Western Psychiatric Hospital and Subsequent COVID-19 Acquisition"

Kovacik Eicher, Mary Elizabeth (IDM), "A worldwide pandemic's implications for community hospitals and the effect on the patient experience: an ever-evolving challenge to the infrastructure partially addressed by telemedicine"

Kowalewski, Katelyn (EOH), "The Prevalence of Silicosis Among Industry Workers : A Rising Public Health Crisis"

Krajcsik, Joseph (HPM), "The Use and Abuse of Health Data"

Kravitz, Matthew (HPM), "Leading Methods for Optimizing Operating Room Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness"

Kronz, Margaret (MULTI), "Standardization of intravenous medication beyond use dating at a large health-system"

Krupa, Ashlea (MULTI), "A Review of the Impact of Comprehensive Oral Care on Treatment Outcomes in Patients with Substance Use Disorders and Outline for Future Research in Pittsburgh"

Kulas, Haley (HUGEN), "Examining Parental Utilization of End Barriers to Psychological Intervention in the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Community"

Kumar, Praveen (HPM), "Screening for kidney cancer - A decision analysis"

Kuzemchak, Margaret (BIOST), "Causal Analysis of Horsehead Zinc Smelter on Asthma Exacerbations in Beaver County"

Kyle-Lion, Gabrielle (IDM), "Prep and Women: Increasing Uptake and Continued Use"

La Count, Stephanie (MULTI), "Community Needs Assessment of Communication in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit"

Lai, Yu-Hsuan (EPIDEM), "The Family Social Environment and Its Relation to ADHD Symptoms and Cognitive Performance in Children Born to Black Teenage Mothers"

Lampenfeld, Nathan (HPM), "Preparing for the Old Age Wave: Promising Healthy Aging Plans, Policies, and Programs"

Lang II, Christopher (HPM), "Culture Transformation at the VHA: Enhancing Patient Experience Through Organizational Behavior"

Laskowski, Calli (EPIDEM), “Hepatitis C Among Women of Reproductive Age in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania: A Vulnerability-Focused Report”

Layden, Alexander (EPIDEM), "Investigating placental inflammation as a mediator of obesity and risk of preterm birth"

Lee, Joshua (HPM), "The Global Health Crisis and Telemedicine’s Role in Maintaining Access to Outpatient Care"

Levine, Andrea (EPIDEM), "The Impact Of Corticosteroids On Secondary Infection And Mortality In Critically Ill Covid-19 Patients"

Levochkina, Marina (IDM), "Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio Associations with Nosocomial Infections and Non-neurologic Organ Dysfunction in Moderate-to-Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries"

Li, Jenna (BIOST), "Time Series Analysis of Unconventional Natural Gas Production in Southwestern PA"

Li, Yujia (BIOST), "Clustering and Association Analysis for High-Dimensional Omics Studies"        

Lin, Huang (BIOST), "Statistical Theory and Methodology for the Analysis of Microbial Compositions, with Applications"

Lin, Qiao (EOH), "Acidic Microenvironment Determines Antibiotic Susceptibility and Biofilm Formation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa"

Lipscomb, Rheana (EPIDEM), "The Classification of COVID-19 Mortality and Evaluation of Deceased Characteristics by Identification Method in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania"

Liu, Peng (BIOST), "Outcome-Guided Disease Subtyping and Power Calculation for High-Dimensional Omics Studies" 

Long, Kevin (MULTI), "A Qualitative Study Exploring Perceptions of Supports, Coping Mechanisms, and Resilience for Unmatched Medical Students"

Lookabill, Sierra (EPIDEM), "Changes in Sleep as a result of Participation in a Community-Based Translation of the Diabetes Prevention Program"

Lu, Liling (BIOST), "Safe Reinforcement Learning for Sepsis Treatment"

Lu, Yi (EOH), "The Role of TREM2 in Microglial Function and Alzheimer's Disease"

Lucente-Prokop, Angela (BCHS), "Insights for Partnerships between Community-based Organizations and Healthcare Delivery Systems: Perspective from an Evaluation of the Western Pennsylvania Community-based Care Transitions

Lyons, Cara (EPIDEM), "An Evaluation of COVID-19 Virtual Treatment Delivery for Eating Disorders: Assessing Eating Disorder Symptoms among Patients across Levels of Care"

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