Case Competitions

Students in the Pitt MHA program are given the opportunity to participate in a number of case competitions throughout each academic year. These competitions serve as a means to encourage and support the continued professional development of our students. The case competitions allow our students to develop their competencies while competing directly against students from many of the other top graduate programs from around the country.

The different competitions vary in their timing, structure, and focus, thereby providing a diverse set of opportunities for our students. In total, we currently participate in six case competitions offered around the country. Two competitions focus exclusively on first-year graduate students, and the remainder focus on the more experienced graduate students. 

In most cases, we select teams of interested students who have complementary skill sets, thereby creating a more effective, balanced, and cohesive team. In all six of these case competitions, the Department of Health Policy and Management covers all costs, including registration fees, travel costs, food, etc. Whenever the students win individual or team prizes, the student participants get to keep the prize winnings.

Pitt students have been very competitive in case competitions. The student teams highlighted here are just a recent example of our success in these case competitions.