Resources for Prospective Students

Learn About the Pitt Genetic Counseling Graduate Program

The video below provides an overview of the Pitt Genetic Counseling Program. We encourage you to view this video, read through the additional resources on this page for prospective students, and review our website.

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  • If you have additional questions after reviewing the overview video and web resources, contact the program to set up a meeting with program leadership or email

    During the admissions cycle from January through April, program leadership will not be available to meet with prospective applicants or provide feedback on applications, but interested individuals can contact the department to speak with students or have questions answered via email. 

    In October, we will participate in a virtual career fair where we will be available to discuss the program and answer questions from prospective students. Please see information about the Genetic Counseling Virtual Career Fair below.
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General Information on Genetic Counseling

Is Genetic Counseling the Profession for You?

Preparing for Admission:  Resources

Living in Pittsburgh and Student Life



Relevant Journals and Texts

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